Monday, March 31, 2008

Que Paradiso!

We awoke slowly this morning and as I was about to grab my yoga mat, we saw our amigo on a boat headed directly towards our hotel...wakeboarding! He had advised us before we left, so we brought a wakeskate to the lake from home. One of the young boat drivers named Pancho was excited to take us out for a round. We brought a small rope from home, made a handle out of PVC pipe and made a float out of a plastic soda bottle...MacGyver style! I got to go first and it was unbelievable to be playing in such a gorgeous lake surrounded by volcanos! Michael went next, but the small PVC pipe broke right away and we had to jerry-rig another handle out of thick tubing used for siphoning gas-it worked! We didn´t get Pancho out there for a try yet because he was wearing jeans, but hopefully tomorrow. So fun!

Yesterday, we walked into town and bought a pineapple, green coconut for drinking, a mango and a few limes for $2. We walked down to the dock and enjoyed out feast in the shade. We have also been enjoying chocolate covered frozen bananas for a quarter each! Tastes like ice cream! We walked around the pueblo (town) and watched a local men´s league play soccer. It was a great match and pretty amazing that they were able to clear enough flat land to make a field since the town in nestled in the steep hills. Wandering around is like walking the steep streets of San Francisco. After a leisurely dinner at Los Abrazos again (green smoothie with local wild greens, avocado and banana and some guacamole with handmade corn tortilla), we walked down to the dock by our hotel and watched lightning over the volcanos while being surrounded by the lights of fireflies!! It is very beautiful and we send great blessings of GRATITUDE!!

Hasta luego mis amigos!! XO, Kelly Ordway


Melinda said...

Wow your trip sounds like so much fun! And the chocolate covered bananas sound yummy! It makes me want to visit Guatemala!:)

Kristen's Raw said...

Hope you are feeling better :)