Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Workshop with Qala

Good morning! Wow-another blog post within a week...it must be rainy season! That afternoon after I posted last, I had my 2nd prenatal appointment with my midwife and got to hear the baby's heartbeat again! I actually had thought that was a special treat the 1st time and didn't realize we get to hear the heartbeat at every appointment-I was delightfully surprised! Everything is going perfectly and our angel's heartbeat was in the 140's again. Michael was wondering how they were going to differentiate his/her heartbeat from mine until he heard it and it sounded about twice as fast!

Today started by moving slowly, watching the rain/sleet fall and singing an invocation chant to my little one. I guess their hearing is developed enough to physically hear us now and it feels so lovely to sing and talk to this being growing inside me. A juicy orange, nettles/oat straw tea and a green smoothie with wild huckleberries, Vitamineral Greens, hemp protein powder, SunWarrior protein powder and banana are fueling me before I head to work. Yum!

I wanted to share with you some insight from an amazing workshop I attended a few weeks ago. We were so blessed to have this woman Qala join us from Australia. She has perhaps the biggest, purest heart I have yet to experience. The 1st evening was called "Igniting the Field of Love in your Life-Making Your Life That Much Better Through the Power of Love". I feel like I have a pretty open heart and I also realize that there are infinitely deeper levels of Love, Compassion and Gratitude to open up to. Here are some keys that I loved and she said to share freely:

Give Gratitude to Mother Earth EVERYday! Fell her underneath you and also all around you as her trees grow much taller than you.

Give up negative thoughts to their highest good. Purify your mind. Don't judge. Offer the negative thoughts up. If you do judge or think negative thoughts of someone, apologize to them telepathically.

Before you fall asleep each night, ask to be taken to the planes of Light. A light guide will come and take your Soul to Light. This is particularly good for bad dreams or fear. Teach this to your children and others. If you wake up feeling heavy, ask to be taken to the Chamber of Love before falling asleep. You don't have to understand this with your mind, simply feel it with your heart.

Resolve everything with Love. Never leave the room without resolving the energy.

Always follow your Heart Dream! Never give up!!

When you feel like pushing away, Embrace with Compassion!

Take everything into your Heart. Expand your heart by taking long, deep conscious breaths into your heart center. Feel your heart expand 6 feet in every direction. Do this EVERYday! Move the awareness in your mind down into your heart.

If you want o explore more, check out her sites at: www.qalasriama.com and www.TheDivineUniversity.com. The simple daily ritual of breathing expansion into my heart center and giving Gratitude to Mother Earth has been very powerful for me. Blessings to you!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Very Exciting Announcement!!!!

Michael and I are 16 weeks pregnant!! How's that for big news? We are so very happy, grateful and excited. We started sharing the good news right away (at about 6-7 weeks) and I wanted to share on here, but felt like I had so much to say and little desire to add more computer time to my life. Our computer is sometimes painfully slow and likes to just shut down occasionally, but we are looking into a new computer that might be more inspiring to blog more. I did experience a period (about 4 weeks) of relatively mild morning sickness...actually, it was more like all-day sickness. I thought "I'm so healthy, I'm not going to feel sick", but I did. I never thought I was going to vomit and never did, but it felt like a low to medium level of constant nausea. I desperately looked for subs for the yoga class I was teaching because rapid movement and bending over to touch my toes sounding like a really bad idea.

At times, all I wanted was a good quality ginger brew from the health food store and I finally bought the all-natural saltine crackers and they tasted like Heaven. Most raw foods are rapid transit foods and that is one of the amazing beauties of them, but when I feel nauseous (like I have experienced when traveling in the 3rd world), my body calls for something incredibly dry and plain. Green juice continued to be delicious (especially the "Buzz Bomb" from the local Bean Hive Cafe, which is a folic acid queen with spinach, beets and oranges. Fat sounded yuck, so away went any cravings for high-fat raw desserts and I gave away delicious little raw coconut pie tartlets that I had. The mega-high flavors of many raw foods sounded yuck as well and green smoothies sounded...yuck. I had some chlorella tablets that I hadn't used because I prefer the fresh powder and those came in handy, so I could swallow them, now that I wasn't desiring my usual green smoothie sludge.

I have also been adding local game to my diet. My husband is a hunter, who is as compassionate as you believe hunting can be. He spends so much time outside, knows that elk love to eat arnica and is so aware of life in the forest.This is something I have vacillated back and forth on in my mind. I honestly added it simply out of listening to my body. And eating local food is really important to me. I remember this Spring, I went to buy some bulk tahini from our health food store and couldn't because there was a world-wide shortage of sesame. This was a big wake up call. Where is sesame grown anyway? None of my nut/seed protein can come from a local source. I have definitely focused on honey as my main sweetener because I think it is amazing...and I can get it local. I do also use stevia because I love the no glycemic index. One of our local farmers (Judy at Terrapin) had baby stevia plants this Spring. It is a tropical plant, but so far it is still alive and well in the dome. My friend's children loved it and kept running to the greenhouse for more "sweet leaf".

As I have been feeling awesome in my 2nd trimester, loving physical activity (mostly mountain biking, walking and Yoga), I have also been enjoying adding more raw back in. After a walk with a fellow pregnant amiga and a green juice in town, I satisfied my chocolate craving with raw chocolate avocado-banana pudding. I have been really light on the raw cacao lately as it is my only source of caffeine and I have only recently craved in back in my diet again. Messages from my body and Spirit feel extremely clear (and sometimes urgent) at this time. All of a sudden, I can just lay down and be asleep instantly. Just from listening within, I have known what exercise and food feels appropriate & nourishing and the most important thing is that I feel unbelievably blessed to have this angel growing inside of me-it is such a miracle! I feel it's presence very much energetically and my massage practice feels beautifully enhanced. We are planning a home birth (due date is April 7th) and are not going to find out the gender ahead of time...it will be biggest, most joyous surprise ever!

I hope life finds you in deep Gratitude and effortless JOY! I send you love from my heart!