Monday, March 24, 2008

Inspirational blog comment and INFINITE POTENTIAL

I got this message from some friends who are traveling right now. How is this message for inspiration?!! I continue to be amazed at how much we continue to inspire and uplift one another. Thank you for inspiring me!!

HI Kelly, We've been keeping up with your blog since you've been on the Juice Feast & we can't thank you more for the inspiration you have embedded into us. We've been on a "life" tour for our bodies & have become stronger, leaner & wiser about the things we put into our bodies. What a joy it is to feel good & gracious for the body that God has given us. Presently, we're in Bishop, California (Sierra Mountains) where our hearts are one with nature. So far we have been on a raw foods diet, occasionally having an Ezekiel Tortilla or some beans, but mainly only the goods that have been blessed with the sun's giving love. I've dropped 6 sizes since I last e-mailed you & I FEEL AWESOME! We have 6 more weeks here in Bishop before heading back home to Montana (very excited to come home) and we're living, loving & dancing our lives into a beautiful reality of the way it should be. Thank you!

This next sharing is from Amorreah and Kerrie Dancing Butterfly from The Light School. You can check them out at


We stand here now, with the freedom to explore the expansive territory of our infinite potential. As time unfolds, we are much closer to realizing that we are the Designers of the Map, that Time's great spiral destiny is unraveling through humanity's devotion to Illumination. It is becoming lucidly clear that illuminating the Self is 'Prime Directive' and interwoven with illuminating the Planet. Our personal evolution is not only inseparable, but absolutely critical, to the Earth's awakening.

To cast no shadow is to become your own Light Source -- radiant, emanating Ambassador of the Great Central Sun -- no longer living off the light of others or hiding within the dark folds of the ego's secret delusions and agendas. The Earth speaks her intelligent request: "Clear your fields, align your intent and raise your vibration, so that our work together is impeccable and sent forth for the highest good of us all."

As we wake up to our soul's inherent design as Earth Steward / Light keeper / Healer, some of us are left bewildered at how we can possibly live up to the potential of this insistent message we hear from within. The seed of our Ultimate Embodiment has just begun to sprout through the layers of soil that have been gestating us. At times, it feels a daunting task to climb the spiral ladder of consciousness, outgrow limiting patterns, egoic comforts, fears, and self-doubt, to become a Divine Human, and to do it quick enough to 'save the planet' from the 'deluge of darkness'. Breathe deep and exhale here. Rest assured, the seed of your soul has a perfect timing mechanism of awakening, as does every other soul, along with the planet and communal consciousness. We are all perfectly interweaving, attracting the right inner and outer experiences to spark the continuum of our healing and awakening. Strengthening, honoring, and blissfully surrendering to our unique inherent gifts is all that is needed. To succeed collectively, we must offer unconditional support for each other's individual choices during this process.

For many of us, 2007 challenged the stability of our identity by unraveling our subconscious imprints and areas of our personality that are outdated for these accelerated times. We brought these to the surface by manifesting situations that would test the infrastructure of our being. We are in the dynamic recalibration that comes during times of crisis, and like a centrifuge, that which is not sound and integral to our Divine Axis must spin off. In 2008 this process continues, but also sees the blossoming of our infinite potential flowering open, as the sheaths of the bud yield to the explosive desires of our innermost being to receive the Light.

Aaah, yes! Beautiful words and vibrations. We are leaving for Guatemala tomorrow, so we'll see when I blog next. I enjoy sharing, so I imagine to be posting sometime this week, but first and foremost is time with my honey bunches of love, in LOVE!! Wishing you each breaths of pure Light!

XO, Kelly O

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