Friday, July 2, 2010

The arrival of our Angel!

My goodness, how do you write a post, when it has been over 3 months and among the most transformational 3 months of your life?! I have enjoyed many Yogic journeys and this one takes the cake. Introducing...Sage Saffron Ordway!

My husband and I had a beautiful Angel of a baby girl on April 16th! I was able to birth her at home and we were so grateful for that experience. It felt so very right to labor at home, taking a very slow walk down the driveway, stopping frequently for contractions and watering the Growing Dome on the way back...drinking coconut water in the bathtub and trying to relax as much as possible during contractions. Our midwives were here for just 4 hours before Sage arrived and their support was essential and perfectly timed!

The deep level of LOVE that opens up in this magic of Parenthood is is one of those Unifiying principles of the Universe...a silent smile exchanged between Mothers in between full moments of caring for their understanding glance during a meltdown session in the grocery store...judge not, you may once find yourself in their position! She has opened up my heart to feel on deeper levels...the absolute Bliss of her gummy smile or gazing into each others' eyes while nursing and also the challenging moments when I feel her cry in my cells- quite a magnificent journey!

On the health tip, we are still growing lots of our own food on the property this year, although the garden is receiving less attention than usual, as I am busy growing the most important gift ever! She is thriving on breastmilk and it is fun to watch the color of her bowel movements change with deep green Spirulina smoothies and to be assured she is indeed receiving my intake. Pregnancy went very well. I was able to stay active and eat healthy, gaining 25 lbs. One week after delivery, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight-I was amazed and happy! That being said, it doesn't mean my body is exactly the same..things are tighter around the waist, as my belly is softer and I am sure my hips have widened to aid in her arrival :)

I am still craving extra protein and have been enjoying Sun Warrior brown rice protein powder my green smoothie with lots of wild lamb's quarter...
with ice, a dash of cacao nibs and fresh mint leaves for a Choco-mint shake...
or just shaken up with water for a quick, satisfying snack. Cucumber juice has been key on warm days and the basil has been abundant enough for fresh pesto! Our new favorite salad dressing is the Balsamic Fig Dressing from Cafe Gratitude's book. Other mainstays include dehydrated buckwheat crackers, avocado wrapped in nori, chia porridge with bananas, and lots of salad and asparagus from the garden topped with edible calendula flowers and violets!

Deepest blessings to anyone who may still be reading this-may your day be filled with Gratitude and Joy! p.s.- Here is Sage's beautiful gyan mudra!