Sunday, December 27, 2009

Prego Photo Journal :)

Aaaaah...lying on the shores of a lake just outside of Glacier Park after hiking Dawson-Pitimakan. I had no idea I was pregnant, but indeed I was...or else I might not have undertaken an 18 mile hike in one day. It was a glorious weekend with my love in the mountains!!

My belly at 11 weeks before heading out for a long walk in the woods with one of my best friends who is due 10 days behind me! The blessings keep on rolling in :) I was experiencing some nausea, but no vomiting, thank goodness!

Halloween 2009! We were just headed into town for dinner and busted our our disco suits at the last minute. Things are changing at week 16 (including no more nausea)!

Welcome to 26 weeks! Baby Ordway has been moving lots! The midwife said it sounded like s/he was doing kick flips in there and Michael got to feel it from the outside last week. I am feeling great, loving Yoga and long walks while I practice speaking Spanish with my Ipod!

I dug this carrot trio in our garden this Fall and thought it was pretty symbolic and beautiful!

Blessings to you and joyous welcoming in of 2010!