Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Ripple Effect and Love Letters to your Body

Let your teacher be Love itself. Rumi

Do you notice the ripple effect in your life? Who knows how many people David Rainoshek has directly helped with the amazing journey of Juice Feasting, let alone how many lives he has touched indirectly. My soul sister just reached the 30 day mark on her Juice Feast! Another friend is around day 20. Ma-in-Law experienced 11 days! Two others may embark in April. It just amazes me how much we can uplift and inspire one another effortlessly...simply by following our bliss! The Juice Feast is a very tangible representation of this, but let's consider energy. What are the wondrous ripple effects of radiating LOVE? When we smile, laugh and feel comfortable in our skin...can you imagine how the world' s vibration rises? Speaking of feeling comfortable in our skin, my friend never liked his teeth. He thought they looked funny. His girlfriend at the time told him to write a love letter to his teeth. They were teaching in the Bahamas, so he wrote something like this..."Darling mouth, You have teeth like a parrot fish. We have shared so many lovely meals together, picnics on the beach..." That was the beginning of her falling in love with him. They're married now and have a beautiful Michelin-man baby!
My least loved body part has been my thighs. At times I have been ashamed to show them, embarassed they were mine. It is still the one part of my body that could use more firming, but I love my thighs, let me count the ways...for bolding carrying me across soccer fields most of my life, for enduring the burning back leg, so I could glide through trees on a powder day, for being a lap for my sweet niece and nephew, for dancing the night away in laughter, for holding my body in meditation, for kneeling in the garden while I eat fresh strawberries out of the patch...the love letter is endless! My life would be so different without the gift of my thighs. I have noticed That if I am not feeling good about part of my body, or simply part of myself, it blocks the energy flow and creates even deeper stagnation, leading in a downward spiral to more dislike. Aaaah...fortunately, the upward spiral of love is infinitely more powerful than the lack of it. May we raise the vibration from shame and embarrassment to GRATITUDE and LOVE!! Namaste! Kelly Ordway :)


Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

I really needed to read that post today. Thanks so much. I'm off to write my love letter. See how that ripple effect works?

Anonymous said...

WoW!!! You are such inspiring person. I must tell, I do not know you in the physical realm but I feel that I already know you. It must be the spiritual effect of knowing that "We all are One" I feel you are a brilliant, loving, caring and joyful soul radianting to all of us through your blogs messages.
I already love you.
Lake Balboa, Ca

Anonymous said...

Female, 43 year old from California

Just let me tell you how I got to your website. I was searching about raw food online, and got to you. I believe I was directed divinely to find you. I think I will know better now about raw foods and juice feast; you will be my source, huh? Maybe you can give me some tips in how to start. I have been hesitating to start eating raw food for the last few years, tough wanted so much to start. I think, the idea of juice feast is wonderful. Health food, yoga and meditation are also part of our spiritual practice to enlightment; you are on the right path, and that is why you fell so much love and joy in your heart. I do perfectly understand.
Looking forward to read your blogs.

Lake Balboa, CA

Raw in Montana! said...

I am so happy our paths have crossed! Life is amazing isn't it? Bless you for sharing your words! xo, Kelly