Saturday, March 29, 2008

Viva Guatemala!!

Well, I finally figured out how to sign back into my blog, but uploading the pictures might be a little trickier! Guatemala is warm and beautiful here at the lake. Yesterday was overcast, which was actually perfact for walking around to explore a new town. We came here to San Pedro to start because our friend is here for a few months running a hostel. It took us 3 planes, a taxi, a bus and a boat, but everything went smooth! Alas, we are Lago Atitlan, surrounded by coffee plants and volcanos! San Pedro is an interesting town. The Buddha Bar is covered with Om symbols and a big Buddha statue. It is also covered with young travelers drinking booze and smoking weed on the roof....hmm. We are told you can go into one of the hotels, ask where the party is in Spanish and they will sell you cocaine in the back room. It is a party town indeed, but it is also a lovely town of beautiful Guatemalan women carrying huge baskets of fruit on their head and sweet smiling locals. A short walk from the hostel, a young women pulls a makeshift electrical cord from her home to the corner to fuel her Jack LaLanne juicer!! No greens here, but she makes great carrot/orange juice. I carry it back to the palapa to mix with my Spirulina and Vitamineral Greens to start the day. That is followed by fresh local papaya or mangos. Paradise for me! I have been surprised at the beautiful clean salads I have been able to enjoy. It seems that mango season has just replaced avocado season, so we have yet to enjoy guacemole!

Today we are packing up to stay in San Marcos for a few days. It appears to be on the opposite spectrum of this town, as its focus is yoga and meditation. Yesterday we took the boat there for the day and found a place called Los Abrazos, which means hugs. This creative man from the states scuplted these beautiful seats where you are being embraced by a Mayan or are in the wings of a condor or eagle. The heads of the birds are fire ovens where they make pizza every evening. They have cacao there, imported from Oaxaca, Mexico and the local woman who owns the place made me an amazing Mayan cacao drink that was like hot chocolate, only not too sweet and made with real cacao...the kind that opens your heart he says! It was amazing!! It is more lush and green over there and we had lunch by the lake next to the garden where they grew the greens for my salad. My bowel movements are a bit off in their color, but overall, my tummy is doing really well. We have been taking our proboitics and digestive enzymes! I am excited to share photos, but will wait until I have more time to figure out how to do that! I love you my family and will connect again when I get the opportunity!!

Share the love and peace in your heart! XOXO, Kelly O

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