Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sick Stomach, but Happy Heart!

Hola Amigos! Well, I got hit with the stomach sickness last night. After having a hard time getting a salad, which is getting sketchier, I ordered a veggie burrito. I think it might have been okay except for the cole slaw next to it and perhaps the oil they use. Last night, it turned into a burning pit in my stomach that led to diarreah and vomiting...doesn´t quite sound like paradise anymore, does it? I felt so much better after puking , but felt pretty weak today, so we super chilled. We laid in the grass down by the lake, swam, ate mango and pineapple. This evening we did the same and played travel scrabble. They have a resident parrot at the hotel named Mojito. He was chillin´ in the trees down by the lake today and kept whistling at us. After talking back and forth for awhile, I went to see if he would walk onto my fingers since he had been giving me googly eyes all day! He climbed right on and we got to hang out for a good while! When I tried to put him back in the tree, he climbed up my arm, so I took him down to our blanket and he played scrabble with us for awhile!

The cove where we are is gorgeous and all the fishermen paddle in their dug out canoes. You actually hear more of their traditional Mayan language than Spanish which is beautiful. Another canoe paddles next to man snorkeling in his undies, throwing crab into the canoe every few minutes. The young men who work at the hotel always take a swim/bath in the afternoon and their playful laughter is refreshing!

I think we are going to head out tomorrow and start Antigua and crawling northeast towards the protected jungles and eventually Tikal. There is horrendous singing over loud speakers every night here. I think they are singing prayers, but it sounds wicked off key and high pitched! Yesterday, a ton of really old video games arrived next to the church and after banging a few boards, hanging sheets and using a lot of extension cords, they now have an arcade for the kids...kung fu fighting and Bart Simpson on a skate board. Life here is an interesting mix of traditional culture mixed with modern technology. Yesterday, we took a boat over to San Pedro to watch the European Soccer Championships in an English pub. There were 21 people stuffed into the boat, most traditionally dressed, but the young man next to me was playing chess on his cell phone. Later, we took a walk down by the water where the women were scrubbing their clothes on brick slabs, but again talking on a cell phone!

Wishing you Love and Light (and wishing me a speedy recovery!) XO, Kelly Ordway

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wyldegirl said...

i love that a parrot was giving you "googly eyes"! it made me giggle. . .
love + light
xx Jenny