Friday, March 14, 2008

Raw Peroskis, Pear/Parsley smoothie and Mt Siyeh

Aloha! Our cross country ski in Glacier Park manifested as planned and it was a magnificently sunny, gorgeous day!! About 10 glides into our journey, I slipped and my pole broke off about a foot from the bottom! They were old poles we salvaged from the depths of our old ski stack of stuff and they finally said they had done enough! Luckily, the snow was just about right and I was able to ski with my little stub of a pole for the day! Lake Mac Donald is ice-free and gleaming and the mountain peaks look so glorious covered in snow. I can only imagine how the land LOVES the peace and tranquility of the winter. Actually, I can feel it!
Unfortunately, I forgot my camera!! So, I have posted photos from a great journey to the peak of Mt Siyeh from a few years ago. It didn't feel like we took quite the right route up this cliff band you need to pass and it was feeling sketchy. We had actually decided it was best to surrender and turn back, but after a few steps, saw a route that looked more do-able. We made it to the peak and this amazing 4,000 vertical drop looking down on Cracker Lake. Soon after we reached the top, the fog starting rolling in and we had to jam before our descent turned slippery. My husband told me after he proposed at a family BBQ that he had thought about proposing that day, but forgot as we were more focused on our safety. :) A friend of ours has this photo on his website he has just begun called
GlacierHikers. Check it out-he takes amazing photos (his photo is our logo for Rolling Mirror Massage) and gives advice on great trails in Glacier Park.
Last night, I tried a new recipe I was really excited about because it incorporates juice pulp! I subscribe to the Boutenko family's newsletter (they wrote Raw Family) and it had this recipe for Raw Peroskis.
Raw Family, by the Boutenko's
Here's a fun blurb about the Boutenko family and their book:
The inspiring true story of a family who, through necessity, found themselves on the raw/live food path. Victoria Boutenko and her husband and two children came here from Russia in 1990. After living the American Dream lifestyle, including eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) for a few years, everyone became ill with various serious diseases. The final straw for Victoria was when she was told that her son, diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes, would have to be injected with insulin for the rest of his life and that there was no cure. Through her despair, Victoria reasoned that there must be another way; another answer for her son and family. She began to look for people who looked healthy and then she would ask them what they did to be healthy. One day she saw a very radiant and happy looking woman in the bank and again asked the question. The answer: "Eat raw food" was shocking and unexpected, but something about the simplicity of it rang true in her soul. Written in Victoria's unique style, each member of the family also contributes by describing their experiences from their own perspective.

Inspiring indeed! Does anyone know what a peroski is? It appears it might be some kind of Russian meatball. Anyway, I'm not going to post the recipe (unless you request it) because I thought it was really bland. I made my yummy dipping sauce that I made for spring rolls for dipping the balls (out of raw sesame seeds or tahini, garlic, ginger, Bragg's and an orange or 2), so that made it palatable. Then, I grabbed the nori sheets and rolled them up into little cigars to dip with a side of red bell pepper slices, so it ended up tasting pretty good and it will be my lunch tomorrow, but I doubt I will be inspired to make it again. I have heard their Green For Life book is amazing and I tried a green smoothie recipe from it that I thought was delish!

2 pears

1/2 bunch parsley

Blend and enjoy!

Green For Life, by Victoria Boutenko

Simple, si? I have frozen pears in the freezer from the fall harvest, so my pears were frozen. I imagine it would be refreshing to add a few ice cubes to this recipe. Yum!
Sunshine blessings! Kelly Ordway


Anonymous said...

I feel great! Beautiful day in LA! Spring is coming, and I am ready for it. I am ready to blossom like the lotus flower.
This family is a blessing and an inspiration in our lives. I admire people who can make such decision like that. They have for sure will power and determination.
Today is my 7th day of modified juice feast. I cut down on the salads; I just have one salad per day. I have been thinking to implement juice feast and raw food for the rest of my life. My friend said I look radiant and peaceful. I definitely feel the transition. I think will go for green juices, smoothies and raw food. What do you think Kelly? Health way to live, huh?
I would love to have that recipe but if you do not want to post in your blog, you can always share with me (anything) by email (if you want too) at
Have a great weekend!
Lake Balboa, Ca

Raw in Montana! said...

I say Hallelujah and Yum!! It is a gift we are giving ourselves and we deserve it!! See the next post for recipe! It is really an amazing community...a continuing example of how we are all so delicately interwoven and deeply connected! Enjoy the warmth for me! xoxo Kelly O