Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Raw Emotions (Raw Foods is a Means, not an end)

If you haven't already, I recommend listening to David and Katrina Rainoshek's interview with Angela Stokes at She has just published her book Raw Emotions and I love what she had to say about it. Most people find that as they continue to eat raw food, they need less food to sustain optimum health (this is assuming you are eating a balanced, nutrient dense diet), but may find they still have the habit of eating more. This brings up the addictive or emotional habit of filling up with food or avoiding things that a clean body and mind show so clearly. Moving from a cooked food diet to a raw food diet can change everything, as it allows me to see things even more clearly, but I can't (rather, I choose not to) just eat whatever I want, simply because it is raw.
I noticed last week that my perspective had shifted more from "how do I maintain my optimum health and happiness" to the logistics of "how am I going to maintain an all-raw diet". Sneaky how that can happen. Simply acknowledging this shift allowed my perspective to re-open to the greater intention. It certainly has not changed how I want to maintain my diet because raw works so well for me, but somehow everything felt less weighted and so full of light! It reminded me of massage school. When I first began working on people, and everything I was learning was so new, I was more cerebral. The concepts I was learning were 1st in my intellect. As these became 2nd nature, my spirit and energy were able to flow through more freely...unimpeded by my intellect (generally!) and that is where the real healing practice begins. So, let us remain motivated and inspired-all these new, glorious habits will soon become 2nd nature! May the light always shine through! Also, I have found myself eating more than I need and feeling a full belly. I am aware that I need to give more time in between meals to allow my body to digest and assimilate. Simple refining!

Yesterday, I was also re-inspired to JUICE! It's funny after such an intimate relationship with my beloved Green Star, I had begun to look at it as a cleaning job. But, mmm, the juice tasted so yummy and back on! Today and yesterday I made :1 quart spinach, celery, cucumber, apple, ginger juice! Yum!

I just took a computer interlude to call a friend. She said she just made her 1st green smoothie ever and her little boy was loving it! She figured, if he can do it, I can! As we continued talking, I could hear him in the background..."more green smoothie!" Remember that ripple effect?!
The sky is clear again and I get to go cross country skiing with an amiga today, hopefully in Glacier Park if all goes as planned.

Last night, I did a little Skype chat interview with David and Katrina Rainoshek of JuiceFeasting
since it was Day 12 and the information was focused on Bodywork (which is what I do at Rolling Mirror Massage). I was nervous which is so silly, but it was my 1st little video that is going public! Also, I had just gotten my computer cleaned out for the 1st time ever and 10 minutes before we were supposed to chat, I realized that my web cam and Skype both needed to be re-downloaded and my computer shut itself down 3 times in a row...aaah, the trials of modern life! How truly insignificant, si? That should be posted on their site in the next few days and I'll try to create a link here!
Warm love to you! XOXO, Kelly O

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
How did your cross country ski go?
Another amazing post full of info for all of us. You are definitely fulfilling one of your intentions (back in December/January post). No I did not watch the interview yet, but I did watch his video online, which I thought amazing. I am very excited to see your video, can't wait. Also, I like the picture of you and your kitty, he is beautiful.
I feel good after all. The past two days, I was feeling lightheaded, dizzy and nauseous. Today, I did pranayama, yoga and I felt my body needed some stretch. So, I feel great. All the symptoms are gone for now. My mouth is getting better. Today I had green juice (drunk a lot), smoothie, salad and tonight I will have only green juice.
I've got to go to make some!
I bow to you.
Lake Balboa, ca

Raw in Montana! said...

Congratulations on your beautiful modified Juice Feast! It sounds like you are detoxing, which is great because you are releasing some things that no longer serve you, on to their highest good! Ginger in the juice, ginger tea and peppermint tea can help with the nausea. Inhaling peppermint essential oil works amazing for this as well! Namaste right back at cha! Blessings! Kelly