Sunday, July 26, 2009

7 Day Juice Feast

Treasures fresh picked from our garden

Hello lovely angels of the Universe! I am guiding a small group through a 7 day Juice Feast; the journey begins this Wednesday July 29th and welcomes back fresh, water-rich raw food on Wednesday August 5th. I am announcing this, in case you feel driven to join in some capacity. The group energy is very helpful! If you are not interested in all juice, perhaps dedicating the week to all raw foods, no processed starches or specifying something you would like to focus on releasing from your habitual patterns, whether it be tortilla chips or being judgmental of others. Please share what you are letting go of for the week (by leaving a comment), as we empower and inspire each other to our highest potential!!

"Live your succulent wild life! Choosing succulence is a delicate act of revolution. It means waking up! Embracing your true self, studying your patterns and letting out your most alive self. We all have one. " -Sark

Friday, July 17, 2009

Outta the Hype and Into the Wilderness...Healthy Camping

My hubby and I were recently able to getaway for 5 nights in the wilderness (don't ask where...hee-hee!). We car-camped, in perhaps one of the most remote car camping spots around. I love sleeping at night in a tent ( to protect us from the mosquitoes) rather than in a home that has an electrical force field, even when most everything is turned off. The sound of the river strummed us to sleep and days were spent hiking to a waterfall, reading Anastasia and doing Yoga by some other falls, floating the river and hiking where my hubby could fish. It was such a treat, just as the pace of Summer was approaching light speed. I always have my wild edibles book in my pack and am a kid in a candy shop as I walk through the abundant forest. If you choose to pick wild edibles, please be respectful of the plant. Always pick a small amount of what is present and I always ask the plant if I may pick it before I do...sometimes they say no and that feels good too. Here are 2 of the wild edibles we enjoyed...


Shooting Star

Besides the wild treats, it was fun to prepare and pack healthy foods to camp with.
We brought:
4 quarts of prepared, then frozen green smoothie
1 quart sunflower seed/brazil nut mylk (made concentrate by adding less water when blending and then adding more water to our morning cereal bowl while at camp)
soaked and dehydrated buckwheat and goji berries for cereal
big bag of leafy greens from the garden
ingredients for salsa and guacamole
fresh, frozen pesto made from the organic heirloom basil we are growing
2 zucchini for "pasta" noodles
zucchini hummus
dehydrated crackers
bananas, apples
lemon and cayenne for our morning quart of water
homemade raw trail mix

and probably some other yummy things I'm not recalling right now. It felt really good to keep it clean when away from home :) Do you have any camping/hiking food tricks to share? HAPPY SUMMER!!!