Thursday, March 6, 2008

Raw food isn't a phase, it's a lifestyle...

You can tell this was a few weeks ago because I have a ponytail! This is the magnificent view you get on a clear day when you hike to the top of Hellroaring Peak from Big Mountain. Yahooo!

Raw food isn'
t a phase, it's a lifestyle. It's not something you can unlearn when you know about it, even more so when you've experienced it - you can't forget the energy, how much better you look and feel, how much more connected and loving you feel. That stuff is with you for the rest of your life. So when you walk your talk, when you're non-judgemental (as much as you can be), and when you follow a path that people may not see the truth in (yet), you give them a gift. You give them the gift of example, and you make it easier for them to see the doorway, ultimately leaving it for them to decide whether they want to go through or not.
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I found this statement so true and inspirational for me. It , of course, may apply to anything that resonates in our highest truth! You are my teachers! Aaah...we have sunshine today!! Let's give it a good ol' Montana Yahoooo!! I am counting the days (20) until we are honeymooning in Guatemala and I am absorbing the sunshine at Lago Atitlan. I am excited to share my experience there with the blog folk-it will be my 1st experience "traveling in the raw"-wish me luck and prosperous produce (and occasional internet access)! Thank you to those who send in comments-it means so much. Sometimes I have no idea if anyone is even reading this, so it helps inspire me to have feedback. I also want to welcome any questions! Lifestyle update...I had written about Juice Feasting one day a week. That 1st Monday, I juiced all day (drank 3 quarts). When I got home from work that evening, I had a green smoothie, so it was a liquid day, but not all juice. It felt great! One thing I shared with my homegirl who is feasting right now, is to savor the simplicity of Juice Feasting. You know what you are going to consume each day, Juice! The food combining is simple and my body likes that! Being back in a raw food diet is fun because I can have those yummy healthy foods I was craving like seaweed, salad and green smoothies and go out to dinner, but I am also new to this journey and am learning. I am finding myself starting with a slow food intake...beginning the day with my lemon, MSM water then a green smoothie, then fresh fruit. All of a sudden, I am really hungry in the afternoon and my meal (yummy and healthy as it is) is too much for my stomach at once. I am trying to learn how to have small meals ready to eat when my hunger really turns on in the mid to late afternoon. More balance is always in order, si? At this time, I also felt like focusing on all juice one day a week made me feel like I didn't want to juice any other days for breakfast because I was going to drink only juice in a few days. I know this is my mind, rather than my body speaking here, but it is a part of my collective consciousness and right now I am aiming for day to day balance- how about another Yahoooo!!! ...must be the sunshine! Love (I mean it!), Kelly Ordway :)

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Anonymous said...

Welcome! Thank you for the inspirational messages.
What a beautiful picture of Big Mountain. This place is really magic and I was fortunate to know it. You are blessed to be there. Continue to enjoy your life.
Aham Prema!
Lake Balboa, Ca