Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pumpkin Mylk Tapioka and Moon Cycle

Looking forward to walking on a beach again! This was several years back in the Bahamas.

Blessings sweet lovelies of the world!! I don't know if you read the comment from Carrie the other day, but gave me this delicious recommendation...

Hi Kelly, If you're into pumpkin seeds, and trying chia seeds, try this: make a pumpkin seed milk (just like almond milk), and then toss in a few Tbs of chia seeds to soak overnight in the fridge. With a little honey and vanilla, you've got an amazingly nutritious tapioca drink. I had it for breakfast every day for a while in the fall when I figured out that could exist!

Oooh lala, baby! This is one tasty treat! I didn't use a recipe, but this is my best educated guess..

Pumpkin Seed Mylk
1 cup pumpkin seeds (soak for atleast 4 hours, then rinse and drain)

2 cups water

1 inch of Vanilla Bean

1-2 Tbsp Honey

[Bulk] Organic Tahitian Variety Grade A Vanilla Beans - 20 Beans

Blend and savor the delish froth! Pour into a pint jar. Add 1-2 Tbsp Chia seeds and leave in fridge overnight. Awake the next morning to sunshine out your window. Practice yoga with your favorite local teacher and then enjoy your delicious, well-deserved treat!! This drink also felt REALLY good inside my body. Nourishing, easy to digest and also the chia seeds made it feel quite filling.
p.s. Seeds are easier to digest than nuts and mylks are the easiest way to digest nuts/seeds.
Moon Cycle.. I just began my menses again, in rhythm with the full moon! It had been 2 1/2 months since my last and I am happy for it have returned. I wasn't too worried about it, as this has happened before when I was so active playing soccer in college and my body fat was very low. This obviously happened again with my body fat going low in the cleansing physiology of my Juice Feast. I have gained a few lbs back and seem pretty stabilized between 125-130 lbs. This is a happy place for my body to be able to maintain my cycle. And, now I have an entire vacation with no menses!! Yahoo!! Please be aware that I was under-consuming a bit on my Feast- the last 2 weeks, I usually had 3 quarts a day rather than 4 or more. This was not on purpose, but simply listening to my body. I believe in the future, I might feel more apt to consume more on a Juice Feast and not go under my ideal weight.

I must go whip up some dipping sauce for spring rolls and salad dressing...we have some amigos visiting from Helena and we're making spring rolls and salad tonight!
Feel the Love! Kelly O

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