Wednesday, March 12, 2008


...feel good! Okay, I actually intended this picture to insert later in the post, but I suppose the flowing water is appropriate here as well! This photo was taken last fall, but the snow is melting and things will be transforming soon from brown and grey to green and greener!
Perhaps the colonic itself is not exactly enjoyable, but it really isn't unpleasant for me and I certainly feel great afterwards! It is also presented with such love and compassion, which is important! If you live locally, I have always gone to Linda Blair (406-755-6588). It feels like pushing a reset button-very clearing, obviously! There is more uneliminated waste matter in our colons than we can imagine and it feels so good to release that. What do you think those big bellies in our country are full of? Matt Monarch from, who wrote Raw Success, has inspired me to continue regular colon cleansing post-Juice Feasting. My last colonic was during the modified portion of my Juice Feast (5-6 weeks ago, my how time flies!) I will get my next one after we return from our honeymoon in Guatemala (in about 5-6 weeks). I also decided to wait to do my parasite cleanse (capsules from Health Force Nutritionals) until I get back from Guatemala-good idea, I reckon! You can check out that cleanse here!

I read a great quote yesterday...

To get back my youth, I would do anything in the world except exercise, get up early or be respectable. Oscar Wilde

XOXO, Kelly O
p.s. Yesterday was a very simple eating day...2 or 3 apples, 2 oranges, 1 grapefruit and spring rolls and a salad for dinner.
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Anonymous said...

Hey... Good Day!
I had a relaxing day today. I feel lighter, tough it feels like some transition is going on in my body. My mouth is red and a little sore. oh boy! Is that any reaction? Overall I feel awesome.
I read your post again and will subscribe right now. Just in case you don't get subscription, here is my email

Lake Balboa, Ca

Anonymous said...

Ah, thanks for the recommendation of parasite cleanse. I take regularly Para Cleanse from Banyan Botanicals (maintain a healthy Digestive Environment), along with some others awesome Ayurvedic herbs. Their website is Good idea some cleanse post juice feasting.
Lake Balboa, Ca

Raw in Montana! said...

I look forward to your comments! It's great to know you are out there. Sores in the mouth is a very normal detox symptom. Gargle warm water with Celtic or Himalayan crystal salt and continue to drink lots of clean water! I'm so glad you're feeling great! Thanks for the tips on another parasite cleanse! Blessings, Kelly