Monday, September 14, 2009

Harvest Season!

Wow! Over a month since my last post! What can I's Harvest time! September keeps me so busy, as the fruit is only ripe for a few weeks. My Excalibur dehydrator has been running nearly non-stop for the past few weeks :) My family was here visiting from Arizona this weekend and we all pitted plums and chopped apples to make the best fruit leather ever! (dehydrated at 145 for the 1st hour and then at 105 to preserve the enzymes) I am learning to keep the leather softer, as it rolls better and taste delish! My 1st batch got dehydrated too long and got too crispy. Now, the pears are ripening (much to my nephew's delight!). I will be freezing them for green smoothies and dehydrating some, which tastes like candy! I have also canned a bunch of applesauce and am slow cooking some plum butter right now (not raw).
Apples and plums and pears, oh, my! I have been a busy young lady!I have been lagging on the wild huckleberry picking compared to last year, but I still have a little time :)
It is such a extra special treat to walk outside with a harvest basket, pick fresh, gigantic cucumbers, shake some apples off the tree, wash the soil off some beets and pick kale from the oak barrel to make juice for the day-such an amazing time of Abundance and Deep Gratitude! Sending Love direct your way and asking us each and all to focus on all the amazing gifts we have in our lives!