Saturday, February 9, 2008


Friday, Feb 8, 2008

Wow! I am the proud recipient of the Juice Feaster Award, created and gifted by Heidi and JS from rawfoodrightnow-thank you so much! I feel truly honored for this recognition and proud of the sweet love circulating gracefully throughout this community! Way to keep it flowing!
Juice Feaster Award: The Juice Feaster Award is dedicated to those who have taken on the juice feasting challenge. It is designed to be an award of both inspiration and courage, as they have decided to undertake such a powerful journey. This award is for those that are sharing their journey with others, and can be given lovingly to those who are blogging about their juice feasting journey. Through the experiences of others, we can all learn and grow as raw food enthusiasts.

Kelly Ordway: We honor you with this award because you are a light unto the juice feasting world. You listened to your body, and you have decided to create your own modified juice feast that is right for you. Obviously you are doing really well with your unique juice feast. You are radiant! Your experiences will inspire others who know they are not ready for the intensity of a classic juice feast, yet they know they need something. You have a well-formed writing style, and we hope that you will continue to blog after your juice feast journey ends.

As a recipient, i have the honor of passing this on to 5 others...
Joe: Wow! I am moved by your journey to speak and live your truth, even if it feels like solitary confinement at times. Congratulations on your decison to continue your feast and to continue to deepen your transformation-your light is shining bright! It takes such bravery to stick to your guns when it is not the popular vote-keep on!

Neens: You are such a sweet light of support and personal courage and I believe you have just surpassed Day 40!! Way to conquer that macaroni and cheese craving, nurture yourself through an intense workload and create a website in the midst of it all! You are an inspiration!

Jack: Congratulations on the completion of your Juice Feast and particularly for the amazingly brave step you took to give your notice at a job that is no longer serving you. We all know we need to follow our hearts to open the true doors of potential, but it is always much harder to actually do it, so I highly commend you and hope you are enjoying your morning meditation/music time now that you can simply eat or blend your veggies!

Jill: Congrats to you and thank you for sharing your journey! I have enjoyed your blog and loved our community of Juice Feasters who happened to choose this journey at intersecting times!
Haridev Kaur: To one of my dearest companions...congratulations on your courage to begin this journey and wherever it may take you. Thank you for your endless support, honesty, unconditonal love and deep soul sisterhood! My life would not be the same without you! xoxo

Also, there is a great Juice Feasting article online at FitFare.Net. The lovely Terilynn of The Daily Raw Café and Inspiration:Life interviewed several of us about our juice feasting experiences. Thank you so much Terilynn for including me in this!
The goods:
  • 1 qt lemon, cayenne water w/ 1/2 tsp Sulphurzyme
  • 2 qt green juice
  • apple, orange, grapefruit
  • 1 qt green smoothie
  • 2 bananas with hemp seeds and wolfberries
  • fresh, homemade guacamole and salsa wrapped in romaine leaves
  • 3 caps VitalzymX, zeolites, 3 drops x2, digestive enzymes 2 caps x3
Blessings and gratitude! Kelly Ordway :)


Jenna said...

Hi Kelly,

I've just recently entered the juice-feasting blog circle (just started my own last nite! : Like so many other beautiful beings, you have been a pillar of support and source of inspiration during this awesome adventure. So...thank you!


RawReform said...

For both the FEAST and the AWARD ;)
Thanks for sharing your journey and passing on the love...
All blessings,
Angela. xxx

Anonymous said...

My name is Prabhu, I work with Dhrumil at
We’re collecting the contact emails of people in the raw food community and I was hoping you could send me yours. Would you mind shoot me an email at
The reason I’m asking for it is that Dhrumil and the team at We Like It Raw are trying to unite all the bloggers with a common sub-site.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
Just logged on to check your progress and saw your kind words and your gift to each of us of the "juice feaster" award! Thank you so much for your appreciation and acknowledgment. We have so much enjoyed following your feast and sharing this experience with you and so pleased to know that you have felt the same. It's a powerful reminder of the silent connections that exist between people and the uplift that comes from that.
Thank you,
J & J

Kristen's Raw said...

Congrats on your award!!! That's great :)

And, definitely congrats on your feast!!!

I start mine tomorrow :)