Friday, February 8, 2008

Juice Feast Breaking and Kundalini Yoga Meditations

Drum rolls please...

Ladies and gentlemen, Kelly Ordway has officially begun breaking her Juice Feast!

This is a fun photo of some local Bahamian boys diving into an oceanhole with great JOY! An oceanhole looks like a small lake, but the water is brackish (1/2 freshwater and 1/2 saltwater) because it connects with the ocean somewhere in it's great depths. It's nice to swim in water that not so salty and the boys loved seeing their pictures on our digital camera screen after their acrobatic flips! Two dear friends worked on Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas at the Island School for several years and I was lucky enough to visit! It is an awesome alternative semester for high school students and they are doing really amazing projects such as wind and solar power, growing some of their own food, making bio-diesel from the oil off of the cruise ships, working with the locals, etc. Here, the photo is a symbol of me taking the leap of faith into solid foods! As much of a leap of faith it takes to begin a Juice Feasting journey, it also takes a leap of faith in the ability to apply all of our freshly realized epiphanies to the realities of daily life. I have both confidence and JOY!

My last post, on Day 39, I consumed 5 qts of goodness and Day 40 (I can't find my record sheet), I consumed 6 qts of goodness-wow! That really felt like consuming alot to me! So, on the eve of Day 40, my honey and I had a good talk and decided it was best for my body to begin adding solid foods. Although I realized earlier in the week that this may be a possibility, it still felt quite unexpected and unplanned. Where is my my Costa Rican tea garden that Angela Stokes so gracefully broke her Juice Feast in?! So, on Day 41, I began with my usual qt of lemon water followed by a qt of green juice. Then, after a work meeting, in the silence of our wellness center, I held my orange and tuned in with the Kundalini Yoga Adi Mantra...Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo (which translates from Gurmuki into English as ...I bow to the Infinite Creative Consciousness, I bow to the Divine Teacher within) and meditated with my orange in gratitude for all the truly lovely gifts in my life...high vibrational food, companions, environment, work, nature... I savored the juicy orange and voila! Solid foods are back on my menu! It was so nice to go out for dinner at Wasabi (the local sushi bar) for a light meal in the company of my love. I guess I shouldn't say voila, as I am easing slowly back into my delicious raw's what I consumed on my breaking day, in order...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008 - Day 41 - Juice Feast Breaking

  • 1 qt lemon, cayenne water w/1/2 tsp Sulphurzyme
  • 1 qt green juice
  • 1 orange, 1 apple
  • green salad
  • 1 qt green juice
  • green salad, seaweed salad, nori roll with only veggies (no rice)
  • VitalzymX 3 caps x1, digestive enzymes 2 caps x3, 1 cup chanca piedra tea
My stomach is very happy and bowels are moving very well! I didn't realize until now, the depth of the completion the moose was showing me. Also, on my list of things I want to write about on my blog, I had written 40 day meditations by Yogi Bhajan. Yogi Bhajan (the Master of Kundalini Yoga), shared specific cycles of time that help change old habits and develop new ones. Often, when someone chooses a Kundalini Yoga meditaion or kriya, they commit to a cycle of time to acheive desired effects. Each amount of time gives specific results: 40 days-It takes 40 days to break a habit. 90 days-It takes 90 days to confirm the habit. 120 days: The new habit is who you are. 1,000 days-You have mastered the new habit. The very extended lengths of time are obviously not appropriate for Juice Feasting, but perhaps eating live, raw foods after the Feast. Without this conscious intent, it turns out I have broken out of the Juice Feast after 40 days-how perfect! I feel blessed and grounded about my food choices, now that the arena is open. Once I leave the produce section of the grocery store, I am pretty much ready to check out! Once again, I made a video clip to share my Feast breaking, but it gets stuck trying to upload-any advice out there? I am going to continue my blog as I have enjoyed sharing so much and are grateful others are taking the time to read-stay tuned to see how my daily menu works out as I continue to modify my diet! A very BIG HEARTFELT THANK YOU for all your support- this has been a fun journey so far and certainly continues!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

  • 1 qt lemon cayenne water w/1/2 tsp Sulphurzyme
  • 2 qt green juice
  • 2 apples, green salad
  • 1 qt & 24 oz green smoothie
  • VitalzymX 3 caps x2, zeolites 3 drops x2, digestive enzymes 2 caps x2
  • 1 cup chanca piedra tea, 1 cup yogi spice tea, weight: 120 lbs
Bless You! Kelly Ordway


Doug said...

Congratulations!!! It's been fun reading your posts. Thanks again for posting. I'll look forward to watching your video.


Devon said...

Why aren't there Kundalini Yoga classes at your center?