Monday, February 4, 2008

JUICE FEAST Day 37 - Moose Medicine

Saturday, February 2, 2008 - Day 37

When we came home for the evening, it looked like ma-in-law was having a seance next door, but the power was just out :) We played Scrabble by candlelight and were grateful we heat our home with wood heat.
Moose Medicine...My amiga and I went cross country skiing today. Moose tracks crossed the ski trail several times, but we didn't know how old they were until we found ourselves at the top of a hill peering down at the young moose. No antlers, but too young to say it wasn't male. S/he stared back at us for a good while until s/he started eating snow off the branches and wandered off into the woods. We felt blessed and when I opened the Medicine animal book to look up moose, I opened directly to the page. I just love the beautiful synchronicities of LIFE!

Self-esteem is the medicine of the moose because it represents the power of recognizing that wisdom has been used in a situation and that recognition or a pat on the back is deserved. The bellow of a male moose can be viewed as a positive force, since it represents its willingness to "tell the world" about his feelings. This "tell the world" trait contains a joyfullness which only comes with a sense of accomplishment. This trait is therefore not a seeking of approval, but rather an enjoyment of sharing because of the spontaneous explosion of joy that comes from the deepest part of one's being. If you have chosen the moose card, you have reason to feel good about something you have accomplished on your journey. This may be a habit you have broken,a completion of some sort, an insight on a goal, or a new sense of self that you have fought hard to earn. It is a time of feeling harmonious pride and of recognizing those who aided you in the process.

How very appropriate and what a gift! Time to give thanks and praise...Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each person reading this page. Your presence and feedback fuels my fire! Deep thanks to David Rainoshek for following his heart's light and sharing this amazing journey with the world-your guidance is so valuable to me! Thank you to my honey bunches, family and friends who have supported me all the way. I feel truly fortunate. Thank you to the animal kingdom for continuing to bring beautiful messages and lessons into my the plant kingdom for nourishing me so completely throughout my life. Thank you to all who have walked the path before me and inspired me to do so myself. This could go on and on, so a big, sincere THANKS to the universe!
  • 32 oz lemon, cayenne water w/ 1/2 tsp Sulphurzyme
  • 2 qt celery, cuke, kale, chard, apple, carrot, sprout, ginger
  • 2 qt green smoothie (frozen raspberries and blueberries, banana, orange, Vitamineral Greens and Earth in separate smoothies), spirulina, bee pollen, flax oil, wolfberries, dulse and water)
  • 10 oz grapefruit, mineola
  • 1 cup chanca piedra tea, 2 cups herbal ruby chai, 90 minute cross country ski, skin brush
  • VitalzymX 3 caps x2, digestive enzymes 2 caps x2, zeolites 3 drops x2, ginger epsom bath
  • 2 caps Intestinal Movement Formula
Deep Blessings and thanks, Kelly Ordway


David and Katrina Rainoshek said...


We love your meeting with the moose! That lucky moose.

The thanks that you are giving is reflected right back at you, the world is a blessed place to have you!

Love David and Katrina

wyldegirl said...

oh i love this snuggly photo and the similarly snuggly descriptions of your days and evenings. . . very similar to mine here in maine! scrabble by candlelight is one of our favourites too. . .
and by the way, i've been following the last few posts and you are simply GLOWING!
xx jenny

Raw in Montana! said...

Jenny, Thanks so much for your comment! We have family in Freeport and will be visiting in August-they are big Scrabblers too! From one moose country to the other...have the best day EVER! xo, ko