Tuesday, January 8, 2008

JUICE FEAST Day 11 - Chinese character for crisis:)

Monday, January 7th, 2008 - Day 11

Chinese character for crisis...No, I am not in a healing crisis! I am feeling great! While viewing a trailer for "Vanishing Bees" in a newsletter from the Organic Consumers Association, I found it very interesting when a man described that the Chinese character for crisis is made up of two separate characters (one is danger, the other is opportunity). That is a gift to remember! Click on this link to watch the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XL-A8Apn1_s Today was a busy work day, so nothing too exciting to report besides the fact that I can work a very full, busy day and still have lots of clear energy! And, my Health Force Nutritionals order arrived-yahoo!

Yesterday, I pulled a Sacred Path card...Storyteller..."You are now growing and encompassing many new ideas. See which area of expansion needs your attention and feed your personal Fire of Creation. Create more and enjoy the expansion, knowing you earned it. Note that the expansion will continue if you are willing to share how you achieved your success with others. Many lives are influenced by another's story. In the good fortune of your present situation you may be instrumental in encouraging others. In all cases, expansion occurs when people are allowed to grow at their own rate and with their own understanding. The wisdom of the Storyteller is a part of the art of remembering. Note that you are now remembering your personal Medicine and how to be your potential."

So, when something inside you tells you to create a blogspot and you say "what?!!", create a blogspot. :) :) Thank you so much to anyone who may be taking the time to read this!

  • 32 oz lemon, cayenne water w/ 1 T Sulphurzyme
  • 3 qt celery, cuke, chard, sprout mix, apple, carrot, cilantro, ginger, cayenne
  • 20 oz grapefruit, celery, ginger, garlic
  • 1 T each...Green Magma, bee pollen, coconut oil, hemp oil, Vitamineral Greens
  • 1/4 tsp kelp, skin brush, 2 caps Intestinal Movement Formula (IMF)
  • 2 T Intestinal Drawing Formula (IDF), weight: 131 lbs

Deepest blessings to all, Kelly

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Carrie Cegelis said...

I am sitting in your circle, listening. Thank you for sharing...