Friday, January 25, 2008

JUICE FEAST Days 27 & 28

Thursday January, 24, 2008 - Day 28

Yippee! I am feeling so vibrant with energy and very proud of myself for committing to the Juice Feast. 30 days feels like quite an accomplishment (although I'm not there just yet) and the next 30 days will be a modified Juice Feast, still drinking the same amount of juices while adding a green smoothie and blended green soup daily. It is best to start with a green juice, then have a green smoothie mid-morning, a green soup at mid-day and then a juice in the early evening. Therefore, this will not enhance my social eating life (going out for dinner, even if it is a salad) and I think that is good for me right now. The green smoothie will be frozen berries and other fruit, superfoods like bee pollen, Ningxia wolfberries, Vitamineral Greens, spirulina, chlorella, sea veggies and fresh green leafy vegetables. The green soup is basically a salad in a blender. We are keeping my fat intake low to maintain a cleansing physiology, so I can start with half an avocado and work up to a whole and use 1 Tbsp hemp oil (no nuts, seeds or olives). As my weight is currently at 121 lbs, David Rainoshek has recommended I begin my modified Juice Feast today or tomorrow, but since I am feeling well, I am going to hold out one extra day since day 30 feels like a clean transition.

I am usually a little hesitant to don my bikini in the midst of white January, but feel more trim and strong than perhaps ever! I may be a bit under my ideal weight at the moment, but feel my ideal weight may be 125 lbs? 130? You can see the abundance of pink lady apples and mineolas behind me and a little bling in the corner of my mouth from my gold crown. One of the other intentions for this Juice Feast that I forgot to state in an earlier post is to cleanse mercury and other toxic metals from my body. I had recently completed removing all the mercury from my fillings by the local conscious dentist, Dr. Pamela Lily, and that feels good!

In November (at the beginning of my rawvolution!), I wrote down some goals while reading David Wolfe's Sunfood diet Success System. Here they are:

  • to speak Spanish fluently (got some work to do there!)
  • to experience 100% raw
  • to communicate clearly, openly and consciously
  • laugh everyday!
  • to reach and maintain absolutely optimal physical health and fitness
  • to live a life of vibrant energy and joy while remaining grounded
  • to speak and live my highest TRUTH
  • to speak with comfort and confidence in front of others
I remember being surprised at the fear I felt creep up as I began to write my goals. I could sense that the act of writing them down was the beginning of manifesting! I journaled..."I am scared as I write this-what if this changes everything? I will substitute that thought with EXCITEMENT!
What if this changes EVERYTHING?!"

  • 32 oz x2 lemon, cayenne water w/ 1tsp Sulphurzyme
  • 2 qt & 8 oz celery, chard, cuke, apple, romaine, mixed greens, sprout, ginger
  • 19 oz mineola, grapefruit, garlic, ginger
  • 1 Tbsp each...bee pollen, coconut oil, Vitamineral Greens, Intestinal Drawing Formula
  • 1 tsp each...chlorella, spirulina
  • 1/4 tsp kelp, 1 systemic enzyme, 1 hour snow walk
Wednesday, January 23, 2008 - Day 27

  • 32 oz lemon, cayenne water w/ 1 tsp Sulphurzyme
  • 2 qt celery, chard, cuke, apple, romaine, mixed greens, sprout, ginger
  • 18 oz mineola, grapefruit, garlic, ginger
  • 1 Tbsp each...bee pollen Vitamineral Greens, hemp oil, Intestinal Drawing Formula
  • 1 tsp each...chlorella, spirulina, coconut oil
  • 1/4 tsp kelp, 75 minutes yoga, 4 cups rooibos, yarrow, mint tea, 2 systemic enzymes
Sending bright Love and Light! Kelly


Neeta said...

You look beautiful Kelly, so fresh and radiant......

Lots of Love,


Raw in Montana! said...

Thanks Neeta...for your comment and traveling on this journey as well. Knowing you are out there helps so much! xo, kelly

Lovingraw said...

Wow, you look amazing. Thanks for the comment on my WLIR post, I am so looking forward to a wonderful transition! Lots of love. : )

Kristen's Raw said...


I love your goals...thank you for sharing them with the world!


Anonymous said...

I'm on day 4 of my juice feast and have a similar size as you and am wondering if I'll also have to start modifying by day 30. I'm 5' 8" and 128 lbs. I've been eating raw for almost two years now and have to monitor my weight closely to not lose too much.

Did you do any type of gradual modification, or did you just go straight into smoothies and soups the next day? Thanks


Raw in Montana! said...

Donna, I would encourage you to try to drink 4+ quarts of juice a day. I think you could maintain your weight better by drinking more juices, but my desire for more than 3 quarts just wasn't happening. David Rain also recommended higher caloric veggies such as yam and carrots. If these don't do it, a modified feast is a great option! The only transition recommended was to start taking digestive enzymes with the blended soups and smoothies. Best wishes! kelly