Monday, January 7, 2008


Sunday January 6, 2008 - Day 10

32 oz lemon, cayenne water w/ Sulphurzyme
3 qt celery, chard, cuke, sprout mix, apple, carrot, ginger
14 oz grapefruit, garlic, ginger
1 systemic enzyme, 1/4 tsp kelp, 2 tsp NOW chlorella
1 Tbsp each...Green Magma, hemp oil, coconut oil, bee pollen
1 tsp psyllium, 1 tsp bentonite, skin brush
2 hours yoga, pranayama and meditation

Wow! I am savoring the state of spiritual bliss that I am experiencing, the state of bliss that we all are! We are fortunate enough to have Mas Vidal, a lovely yogi from LA here leading a workshop at Montana Bliss. So, with a wonderful guide, I spent the mid day with the base of a snowy tree as my drishti (focal point) while breathing, moving and being very still. The intention of my practice...being peace and allowing more space for that peace to be-dedicated to my brother-in-law's brother Clint who ended up passing this eve at the very young age of 28 with malignant melanoma. Death takes me to that place when I have climbed to the top of a mountain and am in awe of the great perspective...overwhelmed with deep gratitude.
Deepest blessings to all, Kelly

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