Sunday, March 1, 2009

Raw Food and Back Country Snowboarding!

A simple day in the life...a Saturday...yeah!!
Woke up after a good night's sleep next to my Love. Made some hot herbal tea and each enjoyed a quart of lemon cayenne water. Michael makes a burrito with game he hunted for last fall, organic cheese and sprouts. I enjoy an avocado wrapped in romaine. We gear up, load up our toys and head for the ski hill. No overnight snow, so we hike out of bounds a bit (with our avalanche beacons and shovels). This photo is up at Flower Point on Big Mountain (now known at Whitefish Mountain Resort), with my board strapped to my backpack-the snow was awesome! At the top of Hellroaring Peak, we chatted with some local friendly folk we have never met before and he mentions that the older he gets, the more he enjoys the hike just as much as the ski turns. I shared a quote I had just re-read the previous day...

"It is good to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey that matters in the end." -Ursula le Guin

We pulled over on the side of a run to enjoy the sunshine and fuel up with a fresh Washington apple. Calling it a day around 2 pm, we rested at the car and enjoyed quinoa salad and sprouts wrapped in nori-a fun contrast to the tailgaters grilling next to us! Then, up to the Bierstube to share company with friends with just enough warmth to hang out on the deck (agua for me).
At home, I indulged immediately in a delicious hot bath and had salad with cooked yams for dinner. What a magnificent Saturday!
This morning, I refilled our herbal tea jar with equal parts peppermint and catnip from our garden and a good dash of yummy licorice root. Hope you are having an amazing weekend! xoxo

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