Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hola amigos! We are back in the land of snow, and surprisingly, the land of sun these past few days. We have been getting warm enough cross country skiing to just wear tank tops and get some yummy sun, although there is still enough snow to ski over the fence! Here is a jugo (juice) photo from Mexico. The green ones are the yummy El Verde juice I've been raving about and Michael liked to get Playa (beach) which was blended papaya and bananas-yum! These were 20 pesos each, which is about $1.60!

I did the most exciting thing today! Besides cross country skiing with some friends, I planted the 1st seeds in our geodesic dome!! It was 30 degrees Fahrenheit outside and 61 degrees inside the dome! The soil is completely defrosted and cold season plants are ready to get started-this is an absolute miracle in Montana in February! I planted spinach, snap peas, cress, green onions and calendula flowers. All except for the cress seeds, which were given to me by a friend, these are all seeds I have saved from previous plants I have grown. If you allow a few plants to go to seed, you can dry and harvest them and never need to buy seeds every spring!

This is a picture of our dome about 6 weeks ago, covered in snow before we had to shovel it. All the snow is off of the dome now, but lots still on the ground. For contrast, I will leave you with a gorgeous photo of Bahia Carrazalillo from our recent visit. Hope you are having a very JOYOUS day!!


Anonymous said...

I'm a little disappointed.. I left a comment about how giddy I am about your Mexican dancing experience, but it doesn't look like it was saved. I'll try to remember what I said. I am currently taking a Theatre Dance class at the University of Arizona. I absolutely LOVE it, and I thought it was a great cawincidence that you spent your first post of your trip talking about all the fabulous dancing in Mexico.

Also, the photos and produce look great! I'm very jealous about all the amazing produce you scored, but am so glad that you had such a good time. Wish I could have been there too. You'll have to post photos when you dome garden starts to sprout ;)


Raw in Montana! said...

Hi Candelion! Your comment did get posted...see the post "Estamos en Mexico". So happy to hear you are in Tucson and dancing away! Fresh produce season is coming! Thanks for reading!

Shonna said...

I WANT TO GO BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so grateful for our experience there together, love you cousin!! XOXO