Friday, March 6, 2009

Raw Food Fairy & Family Inspiration

The food fairy left me a's not raw, but would be kosher with Fred Bisci's intermediate diet...How lucky am I? That's from ma-in-law who lives right next door. We have a bit of a non-traditional (more tribal!) living situation that works out if we could just get my family up from Tucson, life would be even more grand! What do ya think ma, pa, sis?!
Ma-in-law has been busting out all kinds of raw goodies lately. Unlike myself, she is patient enough to actually measure and create recipes. She was focusing on creating some raw goodness to sell at the local farmer's market this summer, but is a bit bummed to find the only thing you can sell without a commercial kitchen is unprocessed fresh fruits and veggies or baked goods. So, perhaps rental of a commercial kitchen may be in order or gluten-free baked goodies. Anyhow, we have been lucky enough to sample raw crackers and this amazing raw chocolate torte she made for my hubby's birthday (a.k.a. her son :) ) Look how fancy she is with the dusted carob design...a chef indeed!

My family in Tucson have been inspiring me as well. They have really gotten into the green smoothie routine. They use amazing goodies like fresh greens, Vitamineral Green, Sun Warrior Protein
, sometimes Cacao (Chocolate) Powder and have been recently getting into E3 Live. After learning how Kevin Gianni from Renegade Health skips the fruit to manage candida, they have omitted the frozen berries for a very Green smoothie! Awesome! My dad also says he has gotten to the point where his wheatgrass shot from Whole Foods doesn't make him gag anymore...I say, "I hear ya!" They love these changes they have been making and my mom often remarks about the energy she can feel moving throughout her body after a good green smoothie or juice-Hooray! My sister has recently started her green smoothies again and is amazed by the energy they give her. She has also recently committed to no soda and no dairy (she is trying to figure out how to get rid of a nagging pain in her ears...any advice?) Thanks to all of my family for inspiring me right back-I love you and am grateful for your open many other people get to have raw food Thanksgivings with their birth family?
Tonight my Love and I enjoyed this fresh guacamole with jicama sticks-jicama is one of my new favorite foods!

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