Thursday, March 12, 2009

Liquid Love :)

Yesterday I felt like going mostly liquid, so before I departed for deliciously Hot Yoga, I made 2 quarts of green smoothie and 1 pint of hemp seed milk with chia seeds. This lasted me all day until I returned home from work and enjoyed a salad and steamed artichoke with my hubby. It was a very simple day and a great way to fuel me in between giving massages!

It is freezing here...literally! Two days ago, the ski hill was closed because it was reporting -24 degrees at the summit, -60 with windchill!!! Zoikes! Michael and I checked on the geodesic dome greenhouse, expecting the few sprouts that have poked up from my planting 2.5 weeks ago would be frozen to death, but it was 45 degrees in there that afternoon! Wow! We are praying the little babes make it through this last cold spell and we have FRESH greens before long. I will take photos soon. Right now, we are depending mostly on the sprouts we grow in the kitchen (which is quite alot) and supplementary greens from the health food store coming in from California.
Enjoy the sunshine for us if you've got it!

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