Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Aaaah! Here is a pic of the gorgeous golden larch trees on our property whom I adore so greatly always (and especially in the Fall). Larch trees are the only deciduous pine tree (which means they are the only ones that change color and lose their needles). It is a glorious sight! Last week, I nestled in our hammock on the deck while gusts of wind sent golden larch needles sleeting sideways, ringing our chimes to boot! I love Fall!!

These are some amazing, delicious, darling little plums my friend shared with me from a local harvest. They look a lot like the color and size of Rainier cherries and taste like a delectable plum! Yum! I planted a purple plum tree about 3 years ago. It has been growing slowly (I think I should have planted it in a sunnier spot), but it keeps chugging along and we ate 5 yummy plums from it this year. It is such magic to harvest right at home!