Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy THANKSgiving!!

Here's my yummy plateful of Gratitude with a personal placard made by my niece!

Chile Rellenos!

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!! I am so deeply in gratitude to have spent the day with my family in Tucson creating a beautiful meal together, doing Kung Fu Panda with my nephew and cuddling with my niece and sister. My mama and I are a dynamic duo in the kitchen and we were so glad my dad didn't have to be at work! I am also in deep gratitude for my family gathering together in Montana (the men gathered to work on the geodesic dome greenhouse while the women created a meal in joy)! The desert was blessed with rain today and nothing smells quite like it...I savor deep breaths!

I am Festive! I am Generous! I am Creamy! I am Creative! I am Ravishing! That was the name of our meal today! My family was open minded and joyous to celebrate Thanksgiving Cafe Gratitude-style...

I am Festive=Raw Chiles Rellenos stuffed with Cashew cream cheese!

I am Generous=Guacamole!

I am Ravishing=Cashew Sour Cream!

I am Creamy=Hemp Seed Ranch dressing for the salad!

I am Creative=Raw Pumpkin Pie (topped with cashew whipping cream!

Yum! It all turned out so delicious, complete with extra cooked goodies like mashed potatoes and gravy, corn and mac-n-cheese for the kiddos. And iced Passionfruit green tea!

It was so nice just to gather as a whole to share company and laughter all day (and no post-turkey coma). I hope your day was filled with happiness and connection with those you love, in whatever form you chose to celebrate!!

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