Monday, November 17, 2008

Esalen Institute are some gorgeous pictures of the magical Esalen Institute. This was our favorite hot spring tub to soak in, which was usually so much less inhabited than the others, except for this remarkable couple we got to know. They were there to celebrate their 16th wedding anniversary and are such a beautiful inspiration of sharing Love and Light with the world. She does intuitive Angel card readings and her wise words were a blessing on our path. We actually hope to connect with them again on our journey :)

This was our magical view every morning and afternoon as we savored the delicious food they prepared. We have been blessed with very warm weather to nap in the sun, topped with moon bathing in the evening. We feel amazing gifts from the moon and wonder if there are specific benefits for actual moon bathing-got any info?
Here is the glorious garden covered in kale, chard, sunflowers and everything good to fuel the appetites of the soulful warriors at Esalen.