Sunday, November 16, 2008


Grace...we have been shown this word over and over again on this journey. While we were working out, we have been conscious of bringing our cores in and up (uplifting our cores). Sometimes we make up secret code words to remind ourselves of something. On my wedding day, as the excitement grew, when my girlfriend said "popcorn" I would remember to take a deep breath. For uplifting our core, the 1st thing that came out of my mouth was "marshmallow". We thought we could choose a better one and "Grace" quickly came forth.
At Esalen, as we crossed a bridge over the river, a word was written in stone. It was "HEAL". The next day, it had changed and become "GRACE" and Grace it remained the rest of the days we were there. During our Touching the Core workshop, I had a realization during meditation that explained one of the reasons destiny had brought me to the course. A few weeks prior, I had the honor of spending time with some sacred stones that had been carved with sacred geometry. I slowly moved from stone to stone, tracing the symbol with my fingers and each was a very different experience. When I came to the stone which was Grace, I felt energy pouring from my core into the Universe. I was receiving energy back in via my hands. I realized that while energy felt very high in and around my body, that I had to consciously bring energy down into my legs. When I shared this with my friend, she often has the same experience and both of us felt like this began after our knee surgeries years ago. I spontaneously started making figure 8's with my hips (the infinity symbol) and energy then flowed very naturally into my lower body and I felt very complete. I feel blessed to tune into what my body needs to vibrate at a high level and to be given these messages from the Universe. I pray to be more and more aware of the messages and sychronicites gifted along my journey and bow in Gratitude to you each and all for showing me the meaning of Grace.

Here are a few departing pics and Shonna and I in San Fran and a raw breakfast of onion bagel with nori lox and cashew cream cheese with the all appropriate question...

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