Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Halloween Candy

Speaking of the bittersweetness of Fall, sugar season is coming! It is estimated that in the U.S., we spend $1 billion dollars on Halloween candy! We buy 20 million pounds of candy corn alone! Every year, teenagers eat 93 pounds of refined sugar on average. (Thanks to Dr. Mercola for these statistics.) Wow! We are moving into the next 6 months where Standard American media bombard our senses, but thank goodness for the Power of Choice. It all begins with SUGAR, SUGAR, SUGAR for Halloween, then overeating at Thanksgiving, overeating and sugar for Christmas, Guilt and new resolutions for the New Year, sugar for Valentine's Day and Easter and then panic when bikini season returns with the sun. Wow, that sounded incredibly pessimistic!!

How about a change of focus and perspective...

Halloween - a time of abundant creativity, laughter and pumpkin carving parties!
Thanksgiving - a time for connecting with family and friends to give up Thanks in deep Gratitude (and cool,late morning football!)

New Year's - a time of both introspection and Joyous celebration to invoke our highest potential!
Valentine's Day - a special celebration of true LOVE in our lives!
and Easter - well, that depends on your belief system, but nonetheless, a great reason to gather with the ones you love!

We don't get Trick-or-Treaters at home since we are a bit out of town, but my massage practice is located downtown (check out www.RollingMirrorMassage.com) and we get tons of adorable little ones during the day. Last year, I just couldn't make myself hand out candy even though I love being able to give to all those cute little cowboys and bright eyed angels! This year, I decided to hand out some other fun stuff instead! I was able to find fun Halloween pencils, spider/skull rings and colorful puffy stickers. Hopefully I won't become known as "that lady" that you never want to go to her house because she hands out pennies! I thought this bowl of Halloween treats looked pretty fun! What are you going to do for Trick-or-Treaters this year? Any fun ideas to share?

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