Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Great Raw Food Specials!!

Matt Monarch has some great at-cost and below-cost specials! I ordered some and my goodies arrived today! You can get a pack of 50 sheets of Raw Organic Nori sheets for $12.56! I had ordered a 50 pack from Azure Standard recently, which is a natural wholesale company-I thought that was a good price at $20, but it was toasted and not organic! 3 lb bags of Nutiva hemp protein powder are 1/2 price and lots of other goodies like exotic nut butters and such. This sale lasts through Halloween (Oct 31). To access this yummy sale:
Click on The Raw Food Super Store logo above my photo to the right.
Type "NutSp" in the Search box.
The specials should show up and there are 2 pages, so click "Next" to see the 2nd page.
When checking out, enter "Nori10" as the coupon code.


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Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you on Saturday, you look so alive & fresh. Thanks for the website. I ended up ordering some yummy goods! I've been on a raw feast for 2 weeks & just begun my 3 day juice fast, but am considering going the long haul (Juice Feasting).Nounds like an amazing event that would definately change my life. Any suggestions as to where to begin would be great!
Thanks, Niki