Sunday, January 18, 2009

Juice Feast - Day 5

This is me with bed-head and the apron my hubby made in junior high Home Ec class!

Our bundle of quart jars sprinkled with thawed apple cider from our tree, awaiting celery, cucumber, kale, sprout, beet and ginger juice!

I am curious why I seem to be called to fast right in the middle of winter, especially in a cold climate, but it certainly seems to feel right. I think it the graceful way snow slows everything down...the short length of daylight...and a slower time for me work-wise. In the summer, when it stays light out until 10:30 pm, I can tend to the garden, work a full day and still go wake boarding afterward! It is a fast paced time of year that requires lots of energy for me.

Our Feast is going grand and I have received 2 colonics which I just love compared to enemas. I can really feel energy moving through my body afterward and enemas seem like child's play comparitively, although they are certainly effective. I realized that after my extended JF last Jan/Feb that I felt like I was just all cleansed up and left colonics behind with the juice. Now I am aware that I would like to receive a colonic more regularly, perhaps once a month and fast for atleast a day or 2 in preparation. After my JF last year, I had dedicated so much time to my juicer, that I looked upon it as a task. It is nice to do a shorter juice journey, where I will still be happy to see my juicer the morning after!

Yesterday and today were both inversions on the ski hill, which means that clouds cover the entire valley, but are low enough, that the chair lift carries you above a sea of clouds into the blessed sunshine and the peaks of Glacier Park appear to rising out of an ocean! It is unbelievably gorgeous and blows me away every time. I have never seen a sky so blue! Michael and I pulled over on our last run and full on sunbathed (well, just our faces and forearms!)...check out his skis/chaise lounge! As we were walking to our car, I said hello to my friend Debbie who gives amazing Ayurvedic facials and happened to meet the women whose name has come across my lips several times this week...Cindy of Sunny Slopes farm who is our wheatgrass farmer in the valley! Gotta love those synchronicities. I would love to check out her growing operation sometime and will post pictures if I can! XOXO, Kelly O

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