Thursday, January 29, 2009

Going to the Sunshine!!

Well, My love and I have planned an impromptu trip to the sunshine! We found great tickets on Tuesday and leave Friday! If I have access, I may blog a bit, but if not, I will have lots of fun pictures and stories to share when we return. Some goodies I am bringing include:
Organic & Raw Untoasted Nori"> (I love to wrap fresh avocado in nori when traveling)
Digestive Enzymes
Emergen-C Lite Packets
Young Living Essential Oils (Lavender for the sun and bites, Purification for bug repellent and bites, Theives to keep bacteria at bay and Grapefruit because it tastes delicious in my water)
Intestinal Movement Formula (to make sure my rapid transit system stays on track)
Olive Leaf Extract II+ (1000plus Echinacea) (for resistance to Viruses, harmful Bacteria, Fungi and many parasites, Plus systemic immune support)
Grapefruit Seed Extract (for immune support, blood alkalizing and keeping bacteria at bay)

Can you guess where we are going?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... south of the border perhaps?? Have a great trip! Please do blog a little ;) I've been enjoying your musings. I would love to learn more about Reiki and your other trainings.

~Candelion (codename for a girl with a sister who calls her "canda" and believes she was a chameleon in another life ;)

Raw in Montana! said...

South of the border indeed! There's no need for bug repellent in Canada this time of year! I will try to blog and I am pretty sure I will have some access. Thanks for letting me know what you are interested in hearing me share. I will share more about Reiki and other trainings. Love your name! XOXO

debbiedoesraw said...

you are going to Hawaii or Mexico or florida?
Hey thanks for your comments re my blog, I will send your apple bag as soon as I make it,, it is small, just one at a time in there!