Thursday, January 15, 2009

Juice Feast-Day 2

Don't get too excited! It's not going to be a monster Feast...we are simply aiming for 7 days. My husband says it's the 1st time he hasn't had solid food in a day since he was breast fed! Needless to say, this is his 1st cleanse and yesterday went well. He drank a full gallon of green juice and I just felt called to drink 2 quarts. It was a busy day and I drank lots of tea. We both started the morning with a quart of lemon cayenne water. Our next door neighbor and ma-in law are both in for a week and 2 more friends are joining soon, so we are going to gather for an evening Juice party instead of a dinner party early next week!
This is short and sweet because we are about to go cross country skiing before I head to work for the day. Juicy Blessings!! XO, Kelly O

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