Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dome Greenhouse!!

Yahoo!! The Geodesic dome greenhouse is coming together!! It arrived just a few days before my road trip adventure and the guys have been working hard on it. This was what it looked like right when we got back. Isn't it beautiful?!

This is the inside with raised beds filled with top soil...a bit cold(completely frozen) at the moment!

The panels are getting put on quick, as there is snow and negative degree weather on it's way!

This is my love-it was wicked cold this weekend and we even ended up getting snowed in and stuck in our driveway because the wind created big snow drifts!

My love and our neighbors/good amigos who we are creating this project with...

Yahoo! We are so excited to be able to have this dome on our land and elated to begin planting! I will keep you updated! For more info on the domes, check out


sara said...

WOW! That is super cool and really beautiful too. I bet when you have plants growing in there it will be one of your favorite hang out spots!

Raw in Montana! said...

I envision spending LOTS of time in the dome, particularly in the winter... surrounded by warm air, lush plants and natural oasis where 20 minutes slides into 3 hours!! Yahoo! Thanks for reading!

Anthony said...

I admire you SOOO much! Just the fact that youre building it in that cold...Im bummed that I have to just sweep mine off and shovel out every so often...youve got great friends!

Its only the start too...just wait till you can really tweak the interior and make it look SOOO awesome!!

Cant wait to see it evolve! Big hug! Stay warm!


Raw in Montana! said...

I admire you taking on such a project of your own! You have definitely helped inspire us taking the next step in growing more-Thank you! Yes, the snow shoveling shall keep us fit and we are excited to progress to the interior as well! We put a thermometer inside the door. The dome is far from sealed yet and we have seen the temp range from 36 to 10 degrees so far, so we still have alot of work to do!

Courtney Pool said...

I think that might be the exact dome we have at the Tree..

Raw in Montana! said...

Awesome! our dome is 26' in diameter and we bought it from Growing Spaces. I saw the Tree is offering a course on it in January. Is it in full operation already? I will definitely come visit the time I am in Tucson to see my family! Enjoy the desert-Merry Christmas!