Monday, December 22, 2008

Attitude of Gratittude and Smoothie tips!

Happy Coming of the Light...aka Winter Solstice!! This is such a special celebration each year, perhaps more so for us so far North! The darker days and deep snow nurture introspectrion, slowing down and family for us. It has been really cold up here lately and downhill skiing in negative temperatures sounds less attractive, so my Love and I have been having long weekends at home, cross country skiing from the house and doing things inside that we are so happy to get done, but get left behind on yummy, sunny days. Winter Solstice represents the Coming of Light, which means if you have a 9 to 5 job (which I don't), you will eventually see sunshine beyond working hours.
Last night, my good friend hosted a gathering at her house to celebrate. We shared good food (I thawed a gallon of apple cider from our tree) , shared poetry, intentions and quotes and topped it off with a "Sweat your Prayers" Ecstatic Dance! So Fun! I brought a quote from the owners of Cafe Gratitude on Abundance. As we gathered to share our words, I looked to see what the quote was on my Yogi Tea bag..."Gratitude is the open door to Abundance."- How incredibly appropriate! I am so grateful to have a loving family, work that is an honor to share with others, land that we can grow food on, and an amazing community to live in! My intention for the coming year is to be in an Attitude of Gratitude!

On the food note, I have been growing extra masses of sprouts since it's the only food we have growing on the property right now besides wild rose hips. I generally use a blend of clover, radish and fenugreek seeds. To add some veggies to my green smoothies (in addition to Spirulina and Vitamineral Greens), I have been adding a big handful of sprouts, a stalk or 2 of celery and a big pinch of ORGANIC ATLANTIC DULSE flakes. Dulse (a seaweed) is a good source of vegetable protein, iron, potassium, magnesium, iodine, chlorophyll, enzymes, Vitamin A, Vitamin B's, and dietary fiber. I also love to sprinkle it on top of my salads and most everything for a yummy savory flavor! Happy Holidays to you each and all!!!

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