Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yoga Barn

blossomed lotus flower

This is Yoga barn...the local studio in Ubud, Bali. What a beautiful place to practice, in the middle of the rice fields, with the humming of frogs and insects reminding us of the vibrancy of life! This is not where our training is, but I have gone to a few classes and Kirtan here. The small statue there is Ganesha who is revered for transforming obstacles on the path towards enlightenment. Wah (a beautiful Kirtan musician and singer) will be performing there this weekend and we are also so blessed with her presence at our training right now. She shared her music and devotion with us the other evening before bed and played again for us today while we were resting in savasana (the final resting pose at the end of a Yoga asana class). Bliss!

It has been nice having lighter raw foods for the past few days. We have been blessed with coconut water, smoothies, seaweed salad, jicama rice, lots of salad, curry coconut soup...and on and on. It is amazing that we have 3 raw meals a day and they keep coming up with new creative delicious dishes. Elaina Love and her crew (Simone and Julia) rock the house! One of the biggest things is that they truly make the food with love and joy! They rock the Beegee's in the kitchen and just really have fun! Elaina's website is out her recipe book and Amazing Nut Milk Bag!

I met someone the other evening on his 2nd day in Bali that read my blog before coming to Bali
(as the amazing world of synchronicities would have it). He began his raw food journey 6 weeks ago. These are not his words, but generally he had previously believed that what you put into your body was not so important because the energy seemed so much more profound. A friend of his convinced him just to try it for 30 days as an experiment to see what would happen. He was amazed and has been raw for 6 weeks now! It brightened my heart because I love to watch the amazing world of synchronicities and it also reminded me to include more about raw in my posts, including food options wherever I might be. In Ubud, there are raw menu items at Bali Buddha, Kafe by Bali Spirit, Dragonfly (also live jazz some nights) and Sari Organic which is an amazing place nestled in the rice fields where they grow their own veggies and make everything fresh to order. Everything I have tried so far has been amazing at all of them, including gazpacho, spring rolls, cacao banana shake, raw raviloi...delish!

My bed is calling as our day was filled with 1 hour of pranayama and meditation, 4 hours of asana practice and 2 hours of other goodies today! Peace! Kelly O :)

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