Thursday, May 8, 2008

Vanilla Beans in the rice paddies of Bali!

Hello sweet lovelies! We started the day with a magical walk through the rice fields. Some villagers were harvesting today, so we got to see them hitting the cut rice against wood planks to separate the rice grains. The fields are lush, green and engulfed in coconut palms and pointy straw hats. A man named Nyoman has a small shop out in the paddies where he sells the family's crafts. He and his wife have amazing paintings...I was called to one in particular and when I inquired further, I found out it was a painting of Saraswasti, the deity of learning and creative appropriate! The picture above is of fresh picked vanilla beans drying in the sun. Did you know that all vanilla beans are hand pollinated now? He also sold red rice and coffee all grown in the fields by his family. He is a sweet soul that saved us from the morning heat with a young, green coconut to drink. Seeing someone live so sustainably and with such joy and peace truly filled our hearts and started the day off right!
It is late and we are happy to be back in the land of raw food choices (Ubud). I can't wait to share more later, but the cafe is calling it a night. In deep gratitude and JOY!!! Kelly Ordway!


Anonymous said...

You are such Joy!!! Your words are very inspiring as always and lifts me up every time I read. I will continue read your blogs.
May God be with you always, guiding you in every momment of your life.
Enjoy your now.


Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

I love vanilla!