Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Acro Yoga, Mother's Day and Besakih

Check out the wing span on that woman!! Pretty cool, huh? Welcome to the world of Acro Yoga! We were fortunate enough to meet some dear, new friends on the island of Gili Air. We arrived on the boat in the pouring rain and dark of the night with little horse buggies offering rides to our cottage. The next day was filled with sunshine and while we were sipping watermelon and papaya juice on the beach, the local owner (who looked just like EZE from NWA!) introduced us to some folks from California. Shortly thereafter, Henri was teaching us Acro-Yoga...how FUN!! It takes strength and balance, but is also easy for many people to do and is such a truly fun way to play with yoga! Google it and check it out! I can't wait to get a "flight manual" when I get home!

The days here are so amazingly rich, it is hard to catch up on documenting this experience when so much happens in a single day! Let's start with Mother's Day! On Sunday, we took a day trip to the Mother Temple, also known as Besakih. It is the largest of the sacred temples on the island, but has more recently become more filled with corruption. It is a major income source and the money is not making it's way back into the temple. Several deity statues were stolen recently and visitors are inundated with beggars, vendors and charged unfair amounts to enter. We were so fortunate to have this info ahead of time and left early to be able to arrive by 6:30 am. Most tour groups don't arrive until 10 am, so we had the place completely to ourselves and were able to bypass unnecessary guides and ridiculous entrance fees. We didn't even have to bust out the Bahasa Indonesian language that we learned (Mahal sekali! Very expensive! Saya mau meditasi. I just want to meditate.) The sacred energy was very present as now is the time for re-anchoring in the energy of the Divine Mother in union with the Divine Child. The sacred feminine energy which is so strong on this island of Bali is rooting itself back into humanity. Can you feel it inside of you? We gave offerings, chanted, experienced a very powerful meditation and left in immense gratitude for the great devotion and Truth alive in the Universe. Here we are under the magical cloudy skies... (Mom, Ma-in-law and Sis...the scarves I brought for you are around my neck and waist :) )

To counter balance those peaceful words, here's a funny button I couldn't resist to share!

Another interesting synchronicity happened...we went to Kirtan and the beautiful woman sharing the songs said she came up with the one about Saraswati while sitting on the shores of Lago Atitlan in Guatemala. She found her creative energies to be very present there. Interesting how I just realized her presence in my life shortly after my return from the very same place!
Oh, yes and since this is called Raw in Montana, I should probably talk about food too! There is this amazing restaurant called Sari Organic. It is out in the rice paddies and surrounded by an organic garden where you can pick your food before it is prepared for you if you like! They have amazing salads and raw soups (i have had the gazpacho and chowder so far!). Everything is prepared after you order...each bowl of soup, each salad dressing. It can take a little while to receive your meal, but it is so FRESH and made with Love!! I hope your day is bright...May you radiate the amazing beauty and Truth that you are!! XOXO, Kelly Ordway

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henri said...

I'm touched and honored. Thanks for sharing so much with me and inspiring me to find my strengths. I'm back in CA flying and juicing! You are a part of such a magnificent change in my life! Thanks Kelly