Friday, February 13, 2009

Puerto Escondido

Aaaah. Life is good! We are deeply enjoying our time here in so many different ways. It is hard to imagine we will be returning to the land of wearing shoes again. What a treat it is this time of year to spend so much time under the starry sky and full moon. We are sure to savor, savor, savor!! I am so glad I brought nori sheets-they have been such a treat. We stock up on produce at the market and make little nori rolls filled with jicama, red bell pepper, avocado, hot sauce and lime juice-super delicious and a perfect light food for this climate. We are enjoying lots of fresh fruit like watermelon, papaya, pineapple, mango and drink a fresh coconut whenever we get the chance. I also brought Emergen-c lite packets for refreshing electrolyte replaceemnt when coconuts are not around.
I have had lots of time for meeting wonderful people from all over the world and lots of slow, quiet time for insight and introspection. The stars, planets and warm breeze seem to gift me with new perspective each day and I am reminded of the beauty of stepping out of our daily routine to GROW. The pace of life is alot slower here. Many times when we order guacamole, we see someone walk to their neighbor´s stall or drive to the market quick for the ingredients! For now, we immerse in our last day and share more soon!! XOXO


Ordway said...

hey hey cousin- showing your blog to my family in spain. they have a food testing lab much the same as the FDA. The wife actually specializes in herbal remedies. check out it is in catalan, a cross between spanish and french, but still interesting. hope alls well. I think i might have to make a blog of sorts! being inspired by my oh so cool cousin. and ask micheal if he will come to idaho this fall and help clay and I hunt our first deer.

Raw in Montana! said...

Hooray! I didn't realize you were in Spain already! How long will you be there? Being in Mexico for 2 weeks was a major teaser-I want to return for 2 months and bust out mi espanol to a real level. I am sure you can twist Michael's arm to go hunting! Are you busting out some physiacl fitness with your family-we loved our workout in Portland. My knee is still messing, but enjoying lots of Yoga and cross country skiing. Love you!!