Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Garden Goodies!!

Aloha! We are away on a family reunion trip in Maine and having such a great time! It has been raining a ton and we have also been getting some good sunshine and harvesting auntie's garden like crazy! She grew a huge, abundant garden this year, so our group meals are blessed with gargantuan bowls of fresh greens, herbs and edible flowers like nasturstiums. We've also been making fresh basil pesto, spiralized zucchini raw pasta, zucchini hummus and raw crackers. We are so very grateful because it would be hard to keep that much fresh food around to feed 10-15 people each meal unless we were able to harvest it straight out of the garden each meal. They also have a great license plate that says "Support Local Agriculture". We are one lucky family! The young men are at grandma's insulating the attic while us ladies are enjoying each others company and dehydrating raw crackers. A few mornings we have scattered in between the furniture throughout the living room for yoga...Aunt Kim might share some Qi Gong with us. Besides that we have been indoor go-cart racing (sooo fun!), to the beach, had a bonfire and laying lots of games (cranium, apples to apples, pool, ping pong).  Wishing you the best day ever full of fresh food and great company!! xoxo  

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Glad your are alive and enjoying your life.