Thursday, August 21, 2008

Family Reunion pics and gentle cleanse...

Aaaah! Alas, here are some fun pics from our family time in Maine. Auntie grew an amazing garden this year that supplied us with giant, gorgeous salads twice a day, fresh basil pesto, spiralized zucchini and edible flowers...yum! It is such a treat to harvest right in the yard! It has been raining so much, she hasn't had to water it at all!

Yoga interspersed wherever we could fit in the living room! Go Ordways!

And since we have been home, we have been picking wild huckleberries! Our purple hands show we are guilty as charged! I have also been doing a very gentle, modified cleanse after eating so much good food! I am drinking Intestinal Drawing Formula 2-3 x/day and taking Intestinal Movement Formula 2-3 x/day. I started this on Monday and will continue for a week. It feels great after feasting so much to be clearing out the tummy. We have cucumbers galore ripe in our greenhouse and luckily, it is my new favorite food! I have been eating a big cucumber everyday, just dipped in some salad dressing or zucchini hummus. With it's high water content, it is so hydrating, cooling and filling in a nice way-they are delicious fresh picked!! We are seriously looking into investing in a geodesic dome greenhouse (check out Growing Spaces), so we can grow fresh food year-round-it would be such a treat and a dream come true!! We'll see if we can get the money together and make it happen! Everything is possible, si?
Sending big Love! Kelly Ordway! :)
p.s.- I forgot a very key top ten item for what to do when big rain strikes on your family vacation...Aunt Kim busted out a chia pet and I hear it is in full bloom now!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

you are full of life. you teach me how to leave fully present and to be aware of the Divine and marvelous surroundings that was given to us to enjoy life.
You are Divine and a light to all of us.
I bow to you.