Sunday, June 7, 2009

Horse Manure and Fruit Trees!!

Friday after work, we made it to Columbia Falls Nursery and bought a bunch of fruit! We got 1 Toka plum, 1 Pipestone plum, 1 La Crescent plum, 1 Sungold apricot, 1 Moongold apricot, 1 Luscious pear, 1 Summercrisp pear and 1 Lapin cherry!! Then, we dug up 8 holes and our hot Friday night date was shoveling horse manure into the back of the truck to feed our new trees! We actually loved it! We are lucky enough to have a horse ranch for neighbors and an unlimited supply of free horse manure :)

On Saturday, we made it to the fencing supply and got enough fencing to encircle each tree so the deer don't munch them down. We now have a total of 15 fruit trees on the property and we are so happy to continue to transform our home into more and more of Heaven on Earth!

Happy Raw Spirit Festival weekend to everyone! I was definitely there in spirit as we continue to manifest our dreams! XOXO!!

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