Saturday, June 27, 2009

Home Grown Event at Stillwater Landing

The event last weekend was fun! The Stillwater Landing is absolutely gorgeous! It's like our own little private Montana Gorge venue. Carlos Nakai (amazing native American flutist) and other artists are performing there Thursday July 2nd. Last weekend, Mother's Power (a local company owned by Jeff Arsell) had a trailer with wind and solar power that completely powered the stage with open mic. Eastern Montana has gnarley wind and in his presentation he stated that Montana has the capability to be the 5th highest wind producer in the world if we harnessed this beautiful energy we are gifted with. They have a project going on NW of Browning on. I would love to incorporate alternative energy sources with him for our home :)

The local raw food posse was there as well. Shoot the Moon was serving up fresh juices, raw pizza, fresh local salad, raw soup and lots of raw treats such as Spirulina pie! Here is Shoot the Moon with Kailie, Emily and Wes and some of their gorgeous goodies made with Love!!

Michelle Berry of Berry Good Living was there too and made some amazing creations for the dinner like raw enchiladas with spinach tortillas, pumpkin seed pate filling, olive tapenade and chocolate mousse pie!! Unfortunately, we weren't clear until we arrived that we had to RSVP ahead of time to join in and donate for dinner, so we didn't get to savor any of her goodies this time. She recently began her own blog called -check it out!

The lovely Hutterites were there as well making homemade ice cream with this funky old John Deere motor. I was mesmerized by this awesome old school contraption until it started spewing nasty fumes which were less cool. XOXO!

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