Sunday, May 17, 2009

Juice Feasting with the Family & Anusara Yoga!!

For some reason, I couldn't get these photos to move, but they are a group "Sunburst" Yoga group shot, me and my two homegirls after 2 1/2 days of heart opening, leg strengthening Yoga and my parents fridge in Tucson!

Blessings amigos! I just had a week long visit to be with my family in Tucson and had such a rejuvenating trip! The sun was abundant even broke 100 for the 1st time this year...and I loved it! We got to take my niece and nephew to the swimming pool, take some amazing Anusara Yoga classes at the Yoga Oasis mama wanted to juice while I was there-Hooray! So, we drove down to the co-op, stocked up on lots of cucumbers, celery, spinach, chard, beets, carrots and some apples and juiced away. Both my mom and my sister had never experienced a full day of juice and they both did 4-5 days of all yummy green juice! My sister even survived an aromatic Cinco de Mayo buffet at work (which is a big deal in the southwest) and several people at work were really interested in what she was doing and supportive. My dad incorporated some juice as well- Congratulations my family!!

I have returned to lots of rain and a beautiful GREEN Montana. I also returned to an amazing Anusara Yoga workshop lead by Ross Rayburn. It was south of here 1.5 hours and such a blessing to have such a high level teacher lead us here in the Flathead Valley. I wasn't initially going to sign up for the lunch buffet even though it said it was Vegetarian/Vegan, but they said it was going to be fresh/delicious and created by the local health food store, so I signed up and was happily surprised to see several raw vegan options-WOW! It's amazing to see such progressive change happening even in the more remote corners of Montana! There was a beautiful fresh salad, raw salad dressing, raw kale salad, raw zucchini hummus and gorgeous fruit bowl...all very fresh and made with lots of LOVE!!

Do you see positive change happening in your local corners? xoxo!

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