Thursday, September 25, 2008

Raw Fruit Roll Ups!!

...a.k.a. fruit leather! Our Excalibur dehydrator has been very busy the past 2 weeks...dehydrated apples, dehydrated pears and now, raw fruit leather. My love has our camera, so perhaps I'll catch up on the pics later, but fruit leather is really easy to make. I had harvested a bunch of plums and apples, so I pitted the plums and tossed them in the  Blendtek. Oops! I did that picture by accident, but it's funny, like mad libs or something! Then, I chopped apples and added those (I used about twice as many plums as apples). Blend to a puree, slather on teflex sheets (about 1/4 inch thick) and dehydrate at 105 degrees. We have been cutting the big fruit leather sheets in quarters, rolling them up in wax paper and filling gallon freezer Ziploc bags for the freezer or fridge. We'll have lots of yummy power food for skiing and hiking! Yum!


Neeta said...

Hi Kelly,
I took a big break from blogging and internet, but its good to be back and see you still radiating the energy that makes you so special :-)
lovely idea - fruit roll ups....
Much love,

Raw in Montana! said...

Hello beautiful Neeta! Are you still In India? Thanks so much for dropping a note and spreading the Love!! XO, Kelly
and yes, fruit roll ups galore!