Monday, September 8, 2008

My Love Affair with Juice...

How could I forget my love affair with Juice? It's been so long, perhaps that's been part of my funk. I have some silly resistance to my Juicer, like it's going to take forever to clean up or something. I have been opting for the green smoothie, with all of its glorious fiber and wicked easy clean up. I've been thinking about my Green Star and even got it all prepped the other morning...right before I made a green smoothie. But this morning I finally made Juice-she wasn't mad at me, she welcomed me back with the unconditional love my dogs give me, no matter how much I've ignored them. Tails wagging and everything! The most abundant produce we have growing right now is cucumbers, chard and ripe apples and this is what I made the Juice out of....yummylicious! It instantly ignited something in me and it feels and tastes awesome!! Oh, yeah, and the clean up was a piece of cake! XOXO, KO


Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

I did the same thing!! I've had juice for 2 days in a row now. It feels so great.
Pixy Lisa

sara said...

I feel the same about juicing. I enjoyed your last blog post and have several thoughts on it, but not a chance now to write them all out. I have had several thoughts a long the same line. I have noticed within my own self that eating a high raw diet that includes a green juice daily helps me to feel very optimal and allows me to have greater flexibility than an all raw diet. I also am a mother of two though who weren't started off on raw and so allowing myself a cooked meal sometimes helps me feel like we are bonding together as a family. Like tonight, with the hit of cool weather, I made a delicious soup made with lentils and all farmer's market or home grown veggies with a salad made with a mesculun mix, local veggies and from scratch dressing and my kids ate it up and it was so nice to share that with them. But when I make a raw dinner for myself, I don't have the energy to make them a lentil soup and they aren't typically into my raw dinner, so they get something like brown rice noodles with flax oil and nutritional yeast- a favorite of theirs and easy, but I feel like I am nourishing them better with the soup and salad example. Anyhow, my new favorite juice that is seasonal to right now is
1 cuke
1 zuccinini
5-6 kale leaves (chard would work well too)
and 1 apple
So delicious!!! My two year old loves it!

Raw in Montana! said...

so good to hear from you! what a gorgeous meal to share with your fortunate family! although not defined as 100% raw, it is 100% full of love and local nutrition-cheers to that and to you for providing for your family in such a truly nourishing way! Blessings!! Kelly