Monday, June 30, 2008

Yoga class podcasts and Raw cheesecake!

Isn't this a gorgeous photo? This is Nikki and Edward again from Tripsichore. If they ever travel near you, I highly recommend checking out their performance, which is a blend of graceful Yoga flow, theater and humor! is late evening and I just finished practicing Yoga and then listening to Holosync for a meditation...Yum!! Many days at home I have been listening to podcasts to practice. I didn't even realize it existed before the Yoga teacher training, but our teacher was recording himself for a podcast, so I decided to check it out upon my return home. I am able to hear a teacher leading a class and for some reason, I find this so much easier to challenge and focus myself compared to doing it on my own. It is such a helpful stepping stone to developing my own personal practice and it's fun! It's also a good way to learn about teaching since I can indirectly experience so many different teachers and styles! Yoga and meditation are so monumental in my life right now...helping me remember balance and release that peace and joy that is present in every moment!
The podcast I took tonight talked about self-worth and how often times we feel better about our selves when we are good at a posture or can do a certain Yoga asana well. It focused on remembering how completely worthy we are, simply by BEING ourselves. From that place of self worth and Love, we can have fun with asana to play and explore! Click here if you want to check out this Level 2 Anusara class with Betsey Downing :)
On the raw food tip, a friend of mine brought a raw cheesecake to a potluck baby shower party that was epic!! wow! I wish I had a recipe to share and try out for myself, but I know it came from one of Ani Phyo's books. I might try to make one soon from some of the recipes I've found on the internet, so I'll keep you informed and post the recipe if it is good to go! Until then, our sweet treat is the latest version of spirulina balls. Sweeet dreams!!! XO, Kelly O

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Anonymous said...

AaaaH! How great is to hear your experience w/ your yoga practice and your oneness with the source. What you are experiencing, validates mine. Isn't it wonderful experience that peace and joy? You are in your path of self-Realization. Keep living in the now and in tune w/ the source all the time, no matter which activity you are performing. Just keep the thought.
I love you!
P.S. I am looking forward for the recipe.