Tuesday, June 24, 2008

As Local as it gets!

Hallelujah for fresh garden greens! I am so happy it is summer time and I can walk out to the garden to pick a salad for lunch! We are going to really pursue a greenhouse set-up that we can grow in year round...the freshness is leaps and bounds different than anything we can buy at the store, even organic. We are able to grow everything organically here too! From the garden, we have been enjoying all kinds of salad greens, chives, mint, cilantro and asparagus. The strawberries are starting to move from flower to small, yellow berries. I am grateful our spring was chilly and I didn't miss strawberry season while I was in Bali. We also have wild strawberries on the property and I have been picking young dandelion weeds to add to my salads and raw dressings. Not from the property, I have also been enjoying dehydrated raw portobello mushroom burgers and raw corn chips...Yum!!
May your day be fresh and vibrant!! XO, Kelly O

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