Friday, December 17, 2010

(cue the Pink Floyd) there anybody out there? Just smile if you can hear me...

Back by popular demand from mom and grandma (and a new, way faster computer), I may just be able to blog more frequently. Our daughter Sage is my TOP priority and she is napping right now :) She is 8 months old now and such a miracle!

I have questioned whether I sure write on a blog Called "Raw in Montana" when I am not all raw, but I do love to include lots of raw food in our diet and aspects of our lifestyle that are so important to me seem to be on the same vibe with the raw food the name remains :)

I have recently been inspired by webcasts available on Click on Superfood Education to listen to all kinds of great talks. I started using their products while on my Juice Feast, as recommended by David Rainoshek. I began my Feast earlier than I had originally planned, so I experienced 10 days without their cleansing products before 20 all juice days + 10 more days of juice and smoothies with them. I felt an amazing difference with them and was grateful to feel the contrast...awesome bowel releases with my colonics and feeling the clarity and energy from getting the toxins I was releasing OUT of my body!

I have enjoyed their Vitamineral Green whole food green powder and have listened to some interviews with Jameth Sheridan which made me feel great about supporting a company with such high quality product and life dedication as well as intaking the best greens available out there! I have waivered in my mind about taking a powder (even though it is a whole food powder, rather than a supplement) and feel like I should be getting all of my nutrition from fresh food, but I must makes me feel awesome! And I love getting everything in one heaping scoop...probiotics, grasses, seaweeds, greens. The calls are inspiring me deeply-thank you to Bethanne and the whole Health Force crew! I am excited to feel some of their other creations in my body. When not using the cleansing products, I have focused on Vitamineral Greens and Spirulina and take Olive Leaf extract when sicknesses are popping up around me. I had tried Earth but didn't like it much because I used it in smoothies. That doesn't work well with it's savory flavor. I just got some more and am going to try it as a broth (bring 1 Tbsp Earth and 1 cup water to a boil, then turn off heat).
What is inspiring you as we soon welcome in a whole new calendar year? The angel is awake! One LOVE!!

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